The New Football Thread


I know I’ve said this before but Tony Adams, Sol Campbell and Martin Keown are three of the weirdest men to have played the game and it’s very weird that they played together.


They amended the rules on that quite a while ago, didn’t they? One hand on the ball is deemed “in full control of the ball”


Also, Mkhitaryan is a bit rubbish but he still does what Iwobi does far better than him while still being quite disappointing.


It’s weird that Mourinho has successfully got people to buy into him team’s massive underachievement to the extent a home draw with Arsenal seems like a decent result


We’d have won that if… Fred (?) had played


Mata, for me. Just someone, anyone, with a modicum of decisiveness and accuracy in their passing would’ve been the difference in that game.


Big match Mesut?


Genuinely, yes!


Genuinely reckon he’d have been perfect for the last 20 minutes or so when it went full headless chickens


Apparently Ranieri has turned Gooner Cal Chambers into an all-action rolls royce of a midfielder? Odd but okay.


I’d have won that game




(I do legit think Fred would have offered that also, it’s very weird to me that he never plays)


Only saw the second half on Sunday, was prepared to hate it but he was probably our best player in a decent 40 mins or so before they scored the second to kill it


I’m sure Ozil actually had the same number of goals and assists combined as Sanchez did against the top 6 in his time at Arsenal.


It bemuses me how the Brazilian Fabian Delph can’t get a game.


I’d literally forgotten about Fred. Is he injured or something?


Nope. What happens is, he starts very occasionally, moves the ball quickly and offensively and takes up decent positions. Then misplaces a pass or two and isn’t seen again for weeks.


Can’t believe Mourinho didn’t bring Kagawa on YET AGAIN


Like, your main defensive weakness? Kolasinac battered him all game