The New Football Thread


Well they’re not gonna say “he was shit, wasn’t he”


Can’t imagine how Exciting Jim knew that Hart doesn’t have a left hand.


Jonathan Pearce not understanding rules again


Nice to see robot wars doesn’t know how own goals work


Love goals on the break. Love Robot wars not knowing how own-goals work. Love midweek MotDs. Lovin life. (Love Gibbs-White from what I’ve seen)






My Birthday and Christmas are both in December but look forward to constant football more than either of them


Is that only the 2nd game a team from the top 5 have lost to a team outside the top 5 (spurs - Watford)


Sarri didn’t load in properly there.


Got a 12% stout on the go and a full MOTD.

10/10 tbh


Christmas < having a holiday < full set of midweek fixtures


That Arsenal kit looks like something the officials should be wearing.


I know it was only a nail in the Burnley coffin but that Shaqiri goal at the end there … Allison to Sturridge to Salah to Shaqiri… was a sexy goal


Amazing stuff by Lacazette. :laughing:

Do enjoy watching this Arsenal side.


Jose being weird again


Do Arsenal fans have a chant about Aubameyang to the tune of Black Betty? Cause if not then they should.


Was the entire match as stupid and fun as the highlights made it look?


Very stupid indeed, yes


They’ve got a slight 13/14 Liverpool combination of outstanding attacking play and clown-school defending