The New Football Thread


Fellaini showing an ever widening array of skills there by committing an on-pitch assault with a body part that wasn’t his elbow. Jose will be very proud.


Feels like James Ward Prowse has been an everpresent as long as Southampton have been in the Premier League but I still couldn’t pick him out of a lineup


A player is officially no longer underrated when Martin Keown calls him it.


“Denis you have a great chance in the last minute, you have to put it away.”

“O do i?”


Goodnight, everyone


is that cuz they’re wearing City colours?


Big fan of Rojo contorting himself into the ’definitely NOT a pen, ref’ position as the ball trickled into his own net.


Think we should be playing lindeloff and Bailly every game they’re fit. With rojo as back up. They can at least pass a bit.


And take free kicks!


This is a start, at least:


Think we should play
Dalot Bailly lindeloff Shaw
Perrera Fred Herrera
Lingard rashford Martial

For the rest of the season when they’re fit.
Bed in Chong and nanis cousin and sell everyone else


Not sure we can get away with playing Dalot on yesterday’s showing. It’ll be a bit less boring though


Apart from the 90 minutes where they show players dressed in betting adverts running around in front of betting advertisements.


Better than young and Valencia


Not if yesterday is to go by, he was getting twisted inside out and did that Valencia thing of slowing down and hitting the ball against the first man when put through with space to cross a ball first, without Valencia’s general defensive solidarity (and I hate Valencia).


Well done he’s only played 12 first team games in his career


Argh - was trying to remember who did that as soon as Lacazette did it. I was off to babysit for a neighbour that weekend and the Dad was a City fan and wouldn’t shut up about it. Remember the mum with her coat on saying “Trevor - he doesn’t care”.


Can this be real?, etc.


Lewis Cook’s done his ACL. Six to nine months out.

Sickener, that


One for @profk