The New Football Thread




Why is he so worried


No seatbelts


reading about the tumblr porn ban


some great replies here.

bloody lovely man


genuinely love rafa and also really like newcastle and their fans (that i’ve met)

would be great if they got backing from higher. almost surreal he’s still there.


Got a rare weekend off on 3rd round weekend…

Oh wait, BBC have decided to move it to Monday night. FFS.

I’m sure we’ll all be very surprised indeed to learn that Manchester United vs Reading has also been picked for television though.


welcome to football m9


If it was an interesting tie, then fair enough. No fucker wants to watch a 3rd round tie between Wolves reserves and Liverpool reserves on the box though.


third round used to be glorious. just another football sideshow now innit


ikr? which is why I was confused by this part of this post…

by a country mile the Prem manager I’d most enjoy the company of.


Love the big man. He might look like a waiter but the man is a genius


Wtf is ‘hippy crack’?


What the Daily Mail think people call Laughing Gas


One of the better birthday cards I’ve received


Quite a few young players getting serious injuries recently, not good to see.


I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that they were during midweek fixtures as well


Got a feeling steady Eddie and the wigless wonders might do Liverpool tomorrow. Its been in the post for a while, gomez is a big miss, and they may have half an eye on Napoli


Love this


Both to players for teams who’ve been playing European football this season so not really unique for them to be playing midweek. Obviously congestion and fatigue plays a massive part over winter but not sure it’s to blame yet (the gomez one was just a boggy pitch more than anything else)