The New Football Thread


Was thinking more of Lewis Cook tbh, fractures happen. Ruptured ligaments seem like they could be more common in congested fixture periods but I have literally nothing but a hunch to back that up.


I think the fact that the most congested period of the season is also the rainiest makes it quite hard to apportion blame. Muddy pitches are an absolute nightmare for knees and ankles. Muscular stuff is more a fatigue marker I think


Aye, that’s probably a bigger indicator innit.


Oh, are you going to THE THEATRE OF DREAMS in a small city near Manchester tomorrow?


Afraid not, my first weekend home game off for months. Unfortunately I have to lay new flooring in our new flat instead.


Sounds infinitely more entertaining


It is going to be a very, very bad football match. Please have a nice time regardless.


Sarri sounding both stung and grimly determined here. Hate to have been his players on the training ground this week. Hate to be whoever they’ve got at home this weekend.


We all raising a glass for JT tonight?


Midweek after the NLD. Looked like half our players were playing in pain against yourselves tbh.

Pretty gutted about this cos he’s quality. Deserves to be in the England squad, and possibly start. Think he might start in the Euros, fingers crossed wrt his recovery.


Wouldn’t he be in the Wales squad?


Aye, he’s been really good IMO. Feel bad for the lad.


Back 3 of Holding, Stones and Go Joemez would tick a lot of boxes and be really young and good


Heard about the English Centre backs who double up as medieval executioners.
Rob holding, John stones


You do say some things don’t you!


It certainly seems like it


England’s Rose, Holding Stones.



If everyone’s fit

This is England’s goalkeeper

Gomez - stones - holding

Walker - Henderson - Alli - Rose

Sancho - Kane - Sterling


Chilwell instead of Rose. Maybe Rashford or Lingard instead of Sancho.


Reckon when Rose is fit he’s probably the best we’ve got, but that’s not very often