The New Football Thread


That midfield 2 sticks out so badly (Alli’s alright but not as a centre mid). Don’t think we even have any young CMs coming through to replace them.


Gibbs-White maybe (never seen him play obviously)


What happened to that player Leeds had ehoneas supposed to be decent at CM?


If only we could play Fabian Delph, our best left back, there.


Lewis Cook will be a regular England central midfielder once he signs for Spurs or whoever.


You’ve clearly never heard of der kaiser, Callum Chambers


Might get @cutthelights in here to do some Ireland formation chat.


Quinn - Keane - Duffy - Quinn
Keane - Duffy - Keane - Quinn
Quinn - Keane


Breen - Breen - Breen - Breen
Breen - Breen - Breen - Breen
Breen - Breen


What about little Harry winks. He exists doesn’t he


Lannister Guard sat next to Ed Sheeran during his dreadful cameo
Walker - Gomez - Stones - rose, I guess
Alli - Henderson - Lingard
Sancho - Kane - Sterling

Would be fun, albeit a bit rubbish defensively.

Five years’ time / different players

TAA - Holding - Dier - Chilwell
Cook - Gibbs-White - Foden
Nelson - Rashford - Sessegnon


Reckon wilshere deserves a spot


This is EXACTLY what I wanted.

Here’s my team.

Doherty - Doherty - Doherty - Doherty
Doherty - Doherty - Doherty - Doherty
Doherty - Doherty



Lewis Cook should be the future of the English midfield but that ACL injury should set him back loads, and scupper a natural, deserved move to a big six club next summer.

Kalvin Phillips has genuinely been the best English DM this season, btw.


Well, he’s English and has made a couple of appearances in the Premier League - what more do you need?


Also proper England regen name.


Loftus-Cheeky boy, surely.


If Declan Rice decides he’s English that midfield position is his for about 10 years.


What happened to reece oxford