The New Football Thread


He’s shit now


That’s a shame


Yeah the midfield is the major weak point for England, although I think tactically the 352 can work quite well, with two wide centre backs good enough on the ball to carry it forward and play into the two advanced midfielders, bypassing Henderson a bit, who is mostly good when the game is in front of him. Guess you need a front 3 to get Sancho and Sterling in the team though (never seen Sancho so no idea if could play deeper).

Haven’t properly paid attention to him, but Harry Winks looks like someone who might be quite good.


Albuq… nah.


Terrible injury, but he has been poor this season. Not sure he is the guaranteed future England captain people (myself included) were making out. Hope it’s a quick recovery


“checks to see if Kalvin Phillips is a Leeds player”

there he is


Honestly the best player in the Championship mate


Perhaps shouldn’t be surprised by this, by JFC. So much work to do.


Without wishing to imply the UK doesn’t have a homophobia problem, I do wonder to what extent these clubs’ international profile has to do with this.


As a regular reader of Uniteds social media the worldwide fanbase has a lot of absolute lunatics.


Just had a look on Instagram. Lots of hate from Indonesia


Scandalous goal for WBA last night. Shit


“Gaychester United” … received more than 10,000 likes

Operating on a really high intellectual level, clearly.


“It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Lukaku”


No antibants but Liverpools back line looks a bit weak today without Gomez or Lovren and Hamez Milner drafter in at RB.


Up against the chunky Scottish Messi…


Snodgrass plays for West Ham mate


Ravaged by injuries. This could be messy…


Huge game at Home Park today against @shrewbie’s lads. If we lose, word is that our manager goes and we get fucking Hollowhead back in. Really need to win this one and I will be holding Shrewbs personally responsible #leagueonebeeves


Another ref on the BCB payroll.