The New The Guardian


I guess tomorrow the website will be updated. One of the few news websites I actually understand how to navigate around (and what bits to avoid).

Is this going to be the new ‘Guardian!’ thread or are we just reserving this for discussion about this upcoming makeover?

If they keep shrinking it at this rate by 2048 it should hopefully become invisible to the naked eye.


It’Il be interesting to see how the new print edition is reflected in the website/app. Both of those are very strong - I’m very impressed by how the app pulls in old articles and displays them in the same format as the more up-to-date stories. The database and programming behind that is enviable.

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is that not the same font as the Standard?

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Gonna be (more) like buzzfeed I bet


It looks a LOT like the Standard:

Couldn’t give a shit, neither should you.


I’m really surprised there’s still a market for physical newspapers tbh.

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That’s two banners too many.

Comic Sans or who cares, frankly.

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If you stare at the word “Guardian” for long enough, it begins to look like it’s spelt incorrectly


It’s a sick typeface. I like to imagine all the subscribers getting pissed off about how the money that was desperately needed for quality journalism has gone towards a pointless banner change

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Haven’t you noticed all the old people knockin about and voting conservative

…not going to buy the guardian then, are they.

That new headline font seems harder to read than the old one.

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Man, they’ve not really changed it that much at all, online.



NOW I’m engaged!