The new Thirty Seconds To Mars has a touch of the Bloc Party about it

It’s thirtysecondstomars-in’ time!


Listened to the Ghost Stories Leto II episode yesterday, had to stop myself from laughing out loud to myself on a packed train


Weeeeeurgh blip blip blip blip?



Quicky, someone post the photos of his cult

Thank you for introducing me to the worst song of the year.


worst band on earth (or mars loll!11) for my money but that first album still fucks, capricorn is a tune

bob ezrin, yo

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In nearly all of Paramore’s latest album interviews they were very explicit about the Bloc Party influence on it. Looks like Kele “and co” have reached peak nostalgia influence level.

Thirty Second Starmers

No wonder the last album was boring then!

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Feel like I’ve been nu metal rick rolled with this

won’t have people trying to pretend Silent Alarm isn’t an all timer

An all time alarm would be very annoying

Was cool of them to take Bloc Party on tour also. God bless those boys

It’s a shame the current Bloc Party don’t have a touch of (the old) Bloc Party :roll_eyes:

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a band that i have never listened to, save for that track on need for speed hot pursuit (2010)

you can listen to it for an hour in the video below should you desire