The New Thursday Gaming Thread



Absolutely mental deals on the “old” PS4 + FIFA 17 - £149.99. Sony must be having a clear out to make way for the slim/Pro model.

I’m about halfway through Nuka World so my Fallout 4 journey is very nearly over. I’ll be sad to see it go.


Not sure you can say the journey’s over when you have the opportunity to play it all again and make exactly the same decisions, only this time with a sarcastic voice :wink:

Me? Mainly been rocket-leaguing. Finding some really obnoxious players on ranked doubles at the moment (amidst some seemingly nice folk as well). Really enjoying playing the goalkeeper role - got reasonably adept at aerial saves and charging forwards at opportune moments to score.

Might get xcom 2 for the weekend.


Not played much this week. Got a few games of that Paladins in and quite enjoyed it. Might put some more time into it.

Can’t get into Duelyst. It does lots of things right, I’m just really bored with creature combat card games.

Can’t really settle into any one game at the moment. Feel a bit restless.


Those PS4 deals are crazy. Argos are doing 500GB ones with Fifa, Lego Star Wars, and the newer Star Wars on bluray for £150. If you wanted to sell those games off, you’d probably get the entire console for about £100.

Shame there’s not much on the platform I’d really want to play.


Woah, these playstation 4 deals are tempting. My housemate already has a playstation amateur, but I’m tempted to buy one as a present.

Would it be better to just wait and get a pro? I’ve not read that much about it, so I’m not sure if the difference will be worth it. Don’t want to end up buying a pro anyway just a couple years down the line.


Just seen PS4 + FIFA + Uncharted 4 for £149.99 on the Argos website. I already have a PS4 and I’m tempted.


#subthead - multiple completions
Insofar as subthreads work on these newfangled boards

I’ve run through Bloodborne for the 4th time, which I think is the only (story-driven) game I’ve actually completed multiple times since I left school. Which got me thinking which games I’ve completed most in my life.
It’s probably Pokemon Blue, Dino Crisis 2 (I know, right…), or the main campaign of Starcraft. Not counting stuff like beating the main game with multiple characters in Tekken.



I think I’ve talked myself out of it. The person I would be buying it for won’t be getting a 4K telly anytime soon, and does most of her gaming on a pc anyways. Could buy it for me (for when I eventually move out and can’t use my housemate’s) but I think I should just wait and save the money. It’s still SO tempting.


A mate of mine claimed there’s a way to upgrade the bog standard PS4 to one capable of 4K, can’t find any evidence of this online though. Any of you eggheads know if this is true or not?

Not had much time for console recently as I’ve been away a lot. Played a fair bit of Hearthstone though. Totem Shaman is still the best.


all those ps4 deals are out of stock. i added one to my basket any everything. :cry:

oh well back to the 700+ Steam games instead.


Although I’ve just seen Tuskarr Totemic is being nerfed noooo


Ooh, I could have been temped by those PS4 deals. Oh well. I can’t decide if I should get a silm or Pro. If I’m not going to get a 4k TV anytime soon is a Pro worth it?


Max Payne 1 and 2, The Longest Journey, Mass Effect 1, The Last of Us, Shenmue 1 and 2, Halo 1.

All of those will be about 5 times each. Probably more for Halo 1, and I don’t even like it that much after the flood are introduced.


Max Payne <3 Bullet time was just so incredibly satisfying, eh?


Completed XCom 2 (and XCom EU) about 4 times now. The story is mince and does not get better with repeat viewings unfortunately.

Aside from games you’re supposed to complete a bajillion times like Binding of Isaac and FTL, I’ve done Morrowind, the original Deus Ex and F:NV many a time. Some games lend themselves to it, others become a chore.


Had a bit of a browse on Steam Store the other day, smash and grab looks like a bit of fun. That Haydee game…is this the sort of thing some folks were worried would be banned?


Metal Gear Solid. Snake looked so dapper in his tuxedo.


Done Star Control II a few times. Had on the 3D0 back in the day, and I’ve got the open source version on PC now. One of these days I’m gonna be evil and let everyone die, but I just can’t seem to do it :frowning:

When I played Shin Megami Tensei IV, I tried to be a hardcore Chaos badass all the way through, but I guess I wasn’t making the most evil choices as I ended up neutral in spite of it!

That reminds me - will do SMT IV again for the Chaos and Lawful routes (probably not for ages, as Apocalypse is out soon).


Not had a lot of gaming time lately. Had a blast of Lords of the Fallen because it was on PS+. Dark Souls ripoff which is just a little bit too slow, small (seems I’m halfway through it after a couple of sessions) and easy to satisfy.

First serious session on The Old Hunters on Tuesday night. Played up to the first boss. Who obviously kicked my arse. Quite intense so far. Have already acquired a whole pile of new weapons to dabble with and I know I’ve missed a couple of areas guarded by those bloodsucking arseholes.

[quote=“AphexTwinkletoes, post:7, topic:6456”]
Which got me thinking which games I’ve completed most in my life.[/quote]
Hmm. Not counting things like Shinobi, which I’ve finished loads of times on multiple platforms (1 credit on the arcade original.)

I rarely replay longer games, but I did get to the point where I could finish the first Resident Evil in under 2 hours so sometimes I’d just stick it on and run through it if there was nothing on telly.


Happy XCOM 2 day, peasants.