🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2019 🍆 🌻


I can’t see a 2019 vegan thread and I’m too shy to start one, so this is going here.

The terminally outraged are OUTRAGED!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rofl:

:banana: :corn: The New Vegan Thread 2018 :eggplant: :sunflower:



The Nutribullet 1000 is an animal. I got one for my teenage kids for Xmas and stood awestruck as it blitzed a packet of cashews to dust.

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Where’s this badge from?


Only just got the last pack of the new Aldi vegan burgers because someone dumped them by the pizzas.


Scarcity of vegan stuff makes me a grumpy herbivore. Greggs playing billy big balls all over social media about their sausage rolls, went to 4 different Greggses yesterday and not one of them had them.


Our local keeps on selling out. Managed to score one today

Decent! Great pastry and flavour. ‘Sausage’ a bit mushy but better than dry


Can anyone recommend a good Noodle soup recipe for soft tofu? Or just something impressive and savoury to do with it?


No one really like a soft tofu do they? How soft you talking,no way to firm it up?

If not I’d make a tofu scramble though this often goes right through me


Don’t actually know - I’m assuming quite soft.

Thinking some kind of miso soup.


I’ve just had this for tea tonight (the lady in the video is such a delight :heart_eyes:)

get that on the go with some brown rice, stir fry up some greens to accompany, it’s lovely. Takes minutes


Slighlty interesting article in dairy free milks.

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Also, my localish wanky (need to really think of a nicer word for this as they are doing good) shop have started selling their houmous/dips in vegware containers which I’m happy about (though are about 3 times more expensive)


Are you close to Locavore (is that them?)

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I made this earlier with a load more veg. It needed more soy and Siracha to really make it taste of anything.

I forgot the cayenne which does explain some of the bland.

I’ll probably make something sweet with the other pack I bought because there seems to be more ways of using it.


Well I’m about half an hour away but I walk past it to/from work., yeah.

Ive just signed up to their veg box.

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Mildly inspired by someone on Facebook posting an environmentally-based argument for veganism (so much more effective for me than animal stuff :eyes: ), I tried the Alpro soya yoghurts this week. I fucking LOVE yoghurt with all my heart and was really pleased to find that the soya version was nice and barely different to normal yoghurts.

Is there a resource for like, vegan swaps for non-vegan things that don’t taste any different/worse? I could never be vegan but would happily do swaps of similar stuff.

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I don’t know particularly much to help you, but I will say that switching to plant milk has had a surprisingly short adjustment period for me (gone for oat personally) and has been well worth doing.


Think the veganuary website will be pretty helpful.



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