🍌 🌽 The New Vegan Thread 2019 🍆 🌻

Unlucky mate

My mam went to the Holland and Barrett in wembley outlet yesterday and they’re 99p +30% outlet discount!!!

she got 2 for my lil sis who’s vegan, but I might swipe one

@laika let’s go here.

Yes please, just looked at their menu and I want everything!

Anyone know any good vegan sausage roll recipes?


Can’t turn up to a Eurovision party with a bag of Greggs… can I… :open_mouth:

I think buying fast food from Greggs and then passing it off as your own cooking would be delightfully devilish.


Two things:

  1. Tempeh is good, eh?? This recipe is becoming a firm vegan roast favourite https://www.isachandra.com/2010/08/garlicky-thyme-tempeh/

  2. Pressing tofu makes such a msssive difference, I’m annoyed about not doing it previously.


Alright Vegans.

Apparently KFC is launching a vegan burger.

Can I ask how the vegan hivemind feel about stuff like this? Firstly from a prep point of view, not sure I personally would trust a fast food place like this to get it right. Then from an ethical point of view, being that KFC have a dodgy animal welfare past and are primarily in the business of selling buckets of cooked chickens.

It’s a big fat sack of no from me. KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King etc will never get my money ever.


I buy Gregg’s but that’s because if I’ve not brought lunch to work is that or starve and in my defence I’ve no idea how evil they are (probably very, bet the staff get tret like shit)

I find this one quite difficult because KFC is SO far down the chain in terms of animal welfare and food quality…but then the same argument can be made of Tescos but I still buy their Wicked Kitchen meals. There’s just something that feels a bit grubby about it isn’t there?

Probably won’t bother because it’ll be shit anyway.


Im not vegan but decided to go vegetarian a few months back.

I do find the whole concept of making good that looks and tastes like meat a bit weird, though see it now more as a treat than I would’ve previously which has been loads better for my health.

Anyway, I just can’t see vegans going into KFC because they’re selling vegan burgers. At the same time I can’t see regular KFC eaters switching. Feels different from Greggs doing vegan sausage rolls because Greggs feels like more of a pop in and do plenty of other stuff anyway.

Plus that Colonel seems like a twat.

Yeah, tend to give these fast food lads a wide berth, and tend to not be bothered by fake meat in general. So meh, really. Much more likely to go for a Subway patty jobber.

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They opened a vegan “fish” and chip shop near my house. They were out of fish when I got there but the scam-pi was excellent.


Is this in Leeds? Read about one opening there

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I gotta hit these boys up. The carnivores always ask me how much I miss meat because they’re dying to hear how miserable life is without it to make themselves feel better, and I always tell them the truth which is no in the 7 years since I stopped eating animals I have found that I enjoy my food way more than I ever did before and now I love cooking and do it every day and naw I do not miss eating literal dead bodies you sickos, BUT I do get these really odd cravings for battered cod which is so weird because I could never ever stand fish before so I’m probably just after that sweet sweet greasy batter. God bless the Leeds wankers for filling this gap in the market.

Unrelated note check out one of many late night vöners I got in Leipzig

And please admire all these delights we bought at a relatively small normal supermarket

One of the many reasons I left my heart there

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Think the Iceland No Bull burgers are a fav here right? Well the new ‘Pulled Pork’ burgers they have are also lovely.

In other vegan news: Super looking forward to trying both Sutton & Sons and Temple Of Seitan on Wednesday. Any recommendations?