The New Year

New album out in a few days. Haven’t seen a post about it here so thought I’d chip in.

First previewed song sounds just like absolute classic The New Year - love it.

Any fans of New Year/Bedhead?

I’ve got their albums somewhere. I like them but haven’t heard a track in many many years. One of those understated bands. I saw them at The Luminarie in Kilburn over ten years ago maybe.

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I adore Bedhead, but for some reason have never listened to The New Year. What would be the best way to approach their back catalogue, chronological or is there an album that is best to start with aside from the first?

Yeah ‘Understated’ is a good description. A band I always find engaging when I do go back to their stuff even if I don’t listen to a lot - holds up is I guess what I’m trying to say.

I think Newness Ends is as good a place as any to start. I hadn’t heard Bedhead before Newness so i went backwards from there so maybe not the best person to say but I can’t see why you wouldn’t love The New Year if you love Bedhead.

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Just checking in to say…

…this album is fucking amazing.