The New Year's Eve Eve thread

Alright. How’s you?

I’ve had a shitty morning so far. Diversion on my commute, cracked (about 2ft long) my windscreen causing a panic about the £470 replacement until I found out I have windscreen replacement cover and it’ll cost £95 instead. Still last day until Monday, do gotta get through it.


Last day until Saturday for me. Boy, do I need a couple of days off.

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Been a busy one in your gaff?

An hour left of my double night shift.

I’m back in on New Year’s Day and so it’s all good :roll_eyes:

Morning Rich &etc

This bastard woke me up at 7am by climbing up my back while I was sleeping and then putting her claws into my naked shoulder

Thought I might be able to shrug it off and go back to sleep? Oh no. Cat proceeded to do the same to the tv & the 7yo before choosing the alternative tactic of climbing up onto shelves & pushing any & every movable object off the edge

So we all got up angry, fed the cat and now the cat is sleeping


Tasks for today are to:

  • Finish off a remix that I thought was already finished but has a couple of mistakes in

  • Have a socially distance 7yo old birthday play date outdoors with some NY type drinks with a couple of parents. I don’t want to do this but was pressured into it as a ‘compromise’ after I said an unequivocal no to the original plan of an indoor birthday party. (Why are some people so terrible at understanding what a pandemic is?)

  • try not to let the intrusive thoughts of work bug me while on holiday

  • maybe some kind of homemade haircut

  • prep a DIY job for my studio

  • buy some champagne for tomorrow night


Up at 6 a propos of the silly toddler stirring then falling straight back to sleep. Working on some music now. Xmas lights late afternoon. Think that’s about it.

Ish. Not totally crazy, but a long way from dead as well. City centre footfall was way down, as you would expect in the circumstances, but the biggest COVID-related issue for us is that the supply chains are absolute chaos. Place an order and it’s anybody’s guess when it arrives, plus all the vinyl pressing plants are operating even slower than normal. Made it through Xmas though, that’s what counts.

Just a heads up that she will keep doing that in the future if you ‘reward’ her with breakfast straight after that behaviour!


Another one ticked off.

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I’m hungover sorry if I was an obnoxious lil prick on these forums last night

Working today audit

  • Aye

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Unlike yesterday I might actually have to do some work today which is just rude IMO

Tell my wife pal


Umming and aaahing about cancelling leave and saving it for when you can do things. But have done that other days and ended up doing that until it’s too late so will probably happen again.

Also up early because of the cat, same as every morning.

We’re starting to pack the apartment up as we’re moving soon. Mentally preparing to live in chaos for the next 2-3 weeks.

Big job for today is to get rid of the Christmas tree. Ugh.

There’s a julgrans återvinningsstation just up the road from you

#91 on the map

Dunno if you knew this already

I did ya - but looks like they only do collection at certain times rather than being a general one, unless I read it wrong.

Either way the biggest problem is gonna be getting out of the apartment - it’s already pine needle armageddon so I’m looking forward to that.

This time of year is always a good time to buy new vacuum cleaner bags :slight_smile:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Cold innit

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