The niche thread only I will post in

Any scenes in films or on TV that really struck a chord with you when you were young and now you’re older you realise you’ve become that scene?

Or failing this specific turn of events just post a scene that sums you up, no childhood resonance necessary. Thanks.

Here is mine.

Watched it like a 100 times as a kid, it felt like I was having some sort of vision, I went on to write about it for my MA and how its likely the first on screen depiction of psychogeography (main stream anyway)

This is my default state. Wandering about in wastelands.

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When Marge is trying to get Homer ready to go to church and she asks him from the other room if he’s ready to go and he tells ‘just gotta get my shoes on!’ and she comes into the room and he’s sat on the floor playing Scaletrix in his pants


Thanks for your contribution, now get dressed.

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I don’t enjoy being a cliche but I guess you can’t fight your nature


Big fan of this. Was very much on my mind wandering round my old haunts in Manchester with my daughter the other week.

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