The night of Wednesday


What’s everyone up to tonight? We’re just off out for a pint then a look at the sunset that Ibiza is so famous for.

Something very strange has happened at the hotel - the music has changed. Maybe there ISN’T an endless supply of awful house cover songs!

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The flat is a right state, going to spend tomorrow tidying and washing up but tonight I’m going to work on some poetry about riverbeds and drink lemonade that the babysitter didn’t touch, so I’m now duty-bound to.

If anyone missed it:

Pls don’t make me post it on Facebook.


4 days into our trip seeing family for the first time in almost 3 years, and…… covid. Now we’re isolating in East London, both of us have covid and we think the kiddo does too. Very much fuck this.

Oh no! You poor things. Xx


Back from residential. So tired and grubby.

Had a chippy tea and going to have a lovely wine in a bit, then shower and bed.

Watching everything I know about love. It’s good, but not as good as people will say it is. Love Island and football later i’ve turned into my sister cool.

Do you have to go in to school tomorrow/at least get a later start?

We did ours the week before Easter holidays this year so that was one of the nicest sleeps I’ve had in ages after we got back

Today ended up awful for the last hour. Excellent. Thanks to one line report for ruining my day.

Not in until 3 tomorrow so no doubt I’ll make a silly decision or 2 tonight.

At work!!1!1!1 last of my triple evening shifts for…forever?!
Listening to Silverchair #emoteen


Had staff meeting tonight after I got back :weary: but have got PPA tomorrow morning so that’s a bonus.

Week before a holiday would be the best I reckon.

That shouldn’t be allowed ffs!


did a front flip today

(one of those bouncy indoor assault course things)

also a perfect cartwheel or three (still got it)

bailed a bit on backflips, kept turning them into some kind of twisty somersaults or something


Cleared the garage and went to the tip. Listened to the new Pianos tune very loudly in the car.

Now watching Springwatch and wanting to do nature business for a living.

Those shelducklings :heart:

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Who knew they nested in a tree?!

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Back home. Just the nine? ten? hours of driving for me today


Got a slot at the tip booked for the morning. Going to struggle to sleep with the excitement.

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Coquet Island is about 30 mins drive from here. You can’t land but you do a boat tour round it. Might do it at the weekend. Been a few times, it’s brilliant.

Looks incredible

It’s burgers and onion rings and slaw and the last ep of stranger things it seems

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