The night of Wednesday

I had longg staff meeting last night and twilight tonight…all while we’re trying to get reports done :sob: always people who don’t need to write them who organise them :roll_eyes:

But yeah surely being off-site warrants a get-out-of-staff-meeting card always.

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Yeah, i guess it’s pretty much the case everywhere now but SLT/heads should have to do at least a full day teaching a week to remind themselves what it’s like


Obi Wan
Ms Marvel
Ice cream

Need to find a film to watch now. Thinking maybe A League of Their Own as I’ve never seen it

It was alright I guess

(Would have been even better if there wasn’t that block of cloud on the horizon)


Also today I saw a village bus shelter with a scarecrow of the Queen and a scarecrow of Boris. They weren’t the only ones in the lanes and villages I passed through. Basically the flag-shagging version of this

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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, England’s lost it’s mind.


That’s Devon for you

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i’m so drunk, need a hobby that isn’t drinking

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You see one and you think “oh, must be a local eccentric”

Then by the sixth or seventh you’re making sure all the doors are locked and will not be stopping the car for anything


Just been to a surprisingly enjoyable evening of contemporary dance, not something I’ve done before.

Pretty excited to get home and eat scampi and chips tho.

Watching or participating?

Anyone else feel a bit stressed out buying lightbulbs? Meeeee too. So, today was the day I decided to look up what all the things written next to lightbulbs mean. I feel like I’ve learned a lot. Here you go, be free of lightbulb buying stress:

Thanks B&Q.

Epimer hasn’t been to Devon today.

Got some weird bulbs in the hall and on the landings in this house. Went to swap them out for LEDs when we got here and assumed they would just be bayonets but they are whatever the fuck these are

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I do, ive had a tab open for weeks now full of unsuitable bulbs (preventing me from buying that lovely lamp i showed you). I’ve looked it up and i can still never get a good one since LED became a thing. There’s two lamps in my flat that i will only buy halogen for now as no LED is ever dim enough for my cosy vibe no matter how low i go or how warm white it lies about being. Also i like just going into a rubbish little local diy shop with my old bulb and them handing me a new version of it with no brain power on my part.

I hate LED so much.

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Haha, crikey, yeah no idea either. Weirdo lightbulbs.

I did get quite lost towards the end tbf, maybe I have

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I remember the days when you could just go to morrisons and they had either twisty bulbs or the other ones (bayonet). Also a bottle of fizzy wine for a pound (I may have dreamed the last part, that seems far too good a thing to have actually happened).

The lightbulb in our living room is very fancy and scares me a little, it makes a noise when it’s on. I swear it’s going to drive me mad one of these days.

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My boyfriend’s flat is a nightmare for lightbulbs. It’s all a mix of different fittings even in identical looking lights in the same room. I didn’t even know 3 prong bayonet fittings existed!

Bit of both