The Night Of

Hello friends. Who here is watching The Night Of then?

Started it over the weekend and am four episodes in now. It’s really, really fucking good guys. Like, really good.

Fucking love John Turturro, Riz Ahmed is great as well, very classily put together, very well-paces. You should watch it and then discuss it here if you want.

Please use the ‘Blur Spoiler’ thing responsibly.

Yeah, enjoying it a lot. Though five episodes in now and starting to think it’s more style than substance.

Uh oh…

NO SPOILZ obvs but the only downside I’ve got so far is all the survival-in-a-prison stuff is a bit cliched but difficult to do without being cliched at this point.

The prison scenes are hackneyed and terrible. Everything else is great.

i liked it quite a bit. yeah the prison stuff is the less good bit and as it goes on they do overegg it quite badly. needed more turturro and box.

found the last episode to be quite disappointing on the whole, though the final shot made me :heart_eyes:

It’s not that big a criticism. It’s still really gripping, beautifully shot & really well acted. Just yeah, as you said, it tackles a lot of the issues in a way that’s been done before. Maybe the first episode just set my expectations too high idk

Up to episode five also. Totally agree on the prison stuff which is a shame as Riz Ahmed and Michael Kenneth Williams are great (although the drug smuggling bit in episode five was stupid - how did no-one see what he was doing?! it was so obvious!)..

I would happily watch a spin off show with John Tuturro. It would be like a really dark Monk (if Monk had been a lawyer)!

would be very similar to Better Caul Sall wouldn’t it

I watched it earlier this month (dodgy download) - it’s fantastic.

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Box <3

Actually yeah, fair point! His quirks and never-ending battle with eczema do get me chuckling just like Jimmy and his slightly outdated film references.

was convinced for most of it that his name was boggs or baggs or something and i was just mishearing it, but nope.

Yep, discussion as to whether or not his name was actually Box almost got the the point of being an argument on Saturday…


It was ok.

Thanks for reading.

Anyone notice that the theme tune sounded like Street Hassle?
Maybe it’s just me

reply copied from old DiS (RIP)

The Mrs and I really enjoyed it. Went to a preview thing at the BFI in June, where they showed the pilot and had a Q&A session involving Riz, John, Stephen Zallian and one of the producers (Jane Tranter, I think). Apparently James Gandolfini was originally cast in the John Tuturro part and they’d started some of the filming with him before he died. Think it was nearly a year between the pilot being filmed and then the rest and retakes with John.

Yeah, noticed he’s got an EP credit so was wondering what the deal was with that. (Fuck I miss James Gandolfini)

in the write-ups when it first came out, they described it as a passion-project of his