The 'no poo' debate

This appeared on the side bar for me. Despite leading with a Tory wanker I still read it.

My mate at school didn’t wash her hair for years, just brushed it. She had heard the ‘self-clean’ thing. Seems like the experts (and ‘experts’) don’t agree.

Weird. I was reading this just now thinking he’s a proper Tory royalist Simon Cowell wank.

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I mean this wasn’t meant to be a thread for slating Gary Barlow but obviously I will be fine with that happening too.

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A girl I know stopped washing her hair in an attempt to grow dreads. She was white. They were shit

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I’m one of those “I don’t feel clean unless I’ve had a shower so I shower every day” types.


Doesn’t even rhyme, mate.


I call bullshit on this.

The idea in general or Barlow’s claim?

Just mentioning the coincidence.

To bring it back to topic I knew a girl who didn’t wash her hair for two years and it was in great condition afterwards.

I omitted this tale first time round as it’s somewhat boring.

had a mate who did this and believed in the self-cleaning thing. looked slightly greasy but certainly managed it better than i would. i’d get arrested on about day 5.

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Showering =/= washing your hair with shampoo though, necessarily

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Should have said: that includes washing my hair every time I shower.

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Well I call bullshit on the idea that not washing your hair is clean. But then again, who decides what is clean?

Could it be manky? Yes!

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I was my hair once a week AT MOST. But then I have very dry hair (not less so after many, many years of dyeing and bleaching) so it doesn’t really get greasy very quickly. Obviously not the same, but my point is that different things work for different kinds of hair. Not everything is for everyone, etc.

Also, as it hasn’t been mentioned yet, just for the record: most people who do the “no poo” thing at least nowadays use some kind of stuff in their hair when they shower/“wash” it, just not actual shampoo.

Ah, that last bit is interesting, cheers.

I tried it once but cleverly started from the day I got a complete skinhead. Seemed fine for a few weeks until my hair grew back.

I know two people who have found insect nests in their hair after taking this route, might be dreadlock specific though

Maybe you only know proto-superheroes?

I should certainly think so, as not using shampoo doesn’t equal not brushing or anything.