The no worrying challenge

I’m going to try to go a whole week without worrying about anything. I’ve never done this before in my life but it could be a really empowering experience if I can pull it off.

Do you think you could do this?


No I couldn’t do this. I think it would make me focus more on my worries. Good luck with it though!


Good luck!

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I think you can do this bammers, no worries if not though!


I just plan to say to myself “it doesn’t matter” whenever I start worrying and just go and do something else

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Fifty Bentleys in the West Indies

I probably could, if I ignore my post for a week (which isn’t all that different to usual).

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I think this is a very good and positive idea for you. Good luck!


I never stop worrying.


I don’t like it when people pronounce worry with an o rather than a u.

yeah it’s really very exhausting, I usually have like 2 or 3 things a day I will fixate on

I’ve never come across this

I think maybe the worst thing about growing old is that people seem to worry more, until they do nothing but worry.

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feel like this flips at a certain point if you can survive intact for long enough and once you hit 60 or so you just don’t give a shit about anything

I can’t wait to get to the cantankerous old git stage.

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You sure you don’t have Pure-O? It’s been the bane of my existence since I were wee

sorry what does Pure O mean?

This is a very high level summary and it’s different for everyone. Like barely any of those compulsions or obsessions apply to me, but it’s a fair idea of the concept.

sounds like maybe I do. I have a weird thing where I’m often worried or afraid or doing extreme things I would never actually do, like I worry “what if I suddenly decide to be a bad person”. Found some wiring that used to connect to a smoke alarm the other day and I worry that I might decide to cut open the cables and electrocute myself for example


I worry very little and annoy others by saying things like ‘why worry about things that haven’t happened?’ or ‘look on the bright side’

Probably not the right thread for me tbh.