The non-banger Friday thread

Chat about your food and social activities.

I’m lead parent while Wor Lass meets her friend in town. I made crusty (meant to be lemon and parsley crust but forgot to buy parsley) fish and pasta for tea. It was good.

I’ll be playing computer games once bedtime is done.

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Have munched some pizza and chippy chips. Hoping to get the youngest into bed without prolonged screaming.

Got a couple of decent beers in the fridge.


Made some fennel kale and lemon pasta
Drinking a limeade
Might watch All is Quiet on the Western Front… Or read
Have 1 beavertown to get rid off


Do you want to swap for a Drygate, Loch Lomond or West lager beer?

I’d swap for a West but it’ll be gone by tomorrow

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Hadn’t tea already (reheated pasta leftovers)

Feeling quite knackered - think I’ll probably just do a happy shopper for beer and snacks and fall asleep quite early.

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Listening to the dark ambient and drone sounds of Wouter Veldhuis and eating beef jerky. Waiting for the golf coverage to come on.

Made some pizzas, they were tasty, but pretty doughy.

Olive and pesto


Son has had an upset tummy for a few days, so fumigating his room after another gopping nappy. Beer and films I suppose



Dropped dog off at in-laws for the night.

Pitta pizzas for tea.

Gonna watch The Apprentice from last night and then it’s an early night for both of us - wife is coming to work with me at silly o clock in the morning so she can get the 5am train to her sister’s!

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Been to the happy shopper, got 2x wanker beers, spicy Nick nacks, peanut butter Kit Kat, big twix

Change of plan though, I’m going to go the pub at 9 so these are now pre beers


Evening all :wave:

Absolutely shattered after spending the day digging and fitting mesh wire to the rabbits enclosure. Had a big old Chinese with Mrs CCB and the cheeksters. Gonna watch Austin Powers for the first time in ages (I think the first two just about stand up don’t they?)

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Watched the second one last year and it was rough. Turned it off before the end. Cracking soundtrack though!

This Post Paid For By PROF$.

I’ll see what it’s like. My expectation is some good, silly set pieces (always loved the scene with the family of Dr Evil’s henchmen) and then some bits that are very :grimacing:

I made burgers and my partner is out so now we are watching lego movie and then xbox.


Hey up!

Pasta and tomato sauce with haloumi for tea

Finished Only Murders so onto Dead to me last season now. My telly game this half term has been excellent

Wine and crisps now


Saw Women Talking at the cinema (but not in the audience luckily hohoho), now out for Italian

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Alright? Absolutely exhausted. Made very nice Mexican burgers for tea, now watching TV, eating a big Dairy Milk and drinking some beers, probably until bedtime. Gonna get an early night and go car shopping tomorrow.

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Always thought you knew how to kick back properly

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:frowning: my best friend got Covid :frowning:

GWS best friend!