The Northern Independence Party

Good idea? Bad idea? A meme taken too far?


presumably in the short term it will split the Labour vote

but long term? imagine they would be pretty willing coalition partners if it ever gets that far

Strongly into this


Doubt it’ll split much - will more pick up those who would have voted Labour before Starmy took power

hopefully someone will come along with some #FACTS about how labour are doing in the polls in the north at the moment because I don’t really know

can’t imagine they’ll have been making up much ground

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I honestly hope they take enough votes off Labour that the party leadership takes left-wing politics somewhat seriously, but they’re absolutely a meme gone too far at the moment.


pfft dem soc

lol at the logo. that’s weird

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If they decide to run a candidate in Oxford South I’d consider throwing a vote their way

Well, good luck to them, but many northern seats certainly rejected democratic socialism at Christmas 2019.

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Points CIA op

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Not everythings a CIA op mate.

This ones MI6

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I wasn’t meaning to be sneery or dismissive about Corbyn etc, sorry if I came across as that.

Sorry back. Having a really really bad day and didn’t want to go on about the press again and ended up being facetious

No offence taken, no probs at all. Thanks for the quick reassuring reply, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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I quite like the potential flag, I’m in.

Bradford city

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Bad acronym, maybe worse than REFUK



Eh, unless we have a purple and brown flag it’s gonna clash with somewhere and they’re pretty contientius