The (not Secret) Santa CD swap

Here we go with a reboot of the Secret Santa CD swap which made it’s debut last year:

I’ll probably take the secret element out this year and just have people paired up. PM me your address and if all goes to plan you make CD/send CD/receive CD/and send and receive feedback on said CDs.

I’ve currently got @WardrobeGruber @LastAstronaut @Icarus-Smicarus @funkycow @Trev in for it (no need to send me your details again … unless they’ve changed since the last swap). I’ll pair people up next weekend so deadline is next Saturday (24th) to PM me. All are welcome but please only sign up for it if there’s a decent chance you are going to send something out.


yes for me also, thanks! I didn’t take part in the last mix cd, so let me know if I should pm my details again as my address is the same as previous cd swaps.


No need to send details, I’ve still got them.

This’ll be the first (and last) bump for this. Addresses sent out on Sunday so pm me before Saturday if you want to take part.

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I’m in

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I’ve just send out PMs.

@WardrobeGruber @LastAstronaut @Icarus-Smicarus @funkycow @Trev @bornin69x @paulo13 @iain @DustyNothing @keith and static

You should all have something from me, let me know if now.

Happy CD creating!


Dropped my mix off at the post office earlier so my recipient (@iain) should get in a few days.

I wasn’t 100% satisfied with my final selections but I kept chopping and changing and in the end decided to just go with what I had or it’d never get there by Christmas!

It’s also definitely on the heavier/rockier side of things so I hope that’s not too far out of your comfort zone (I left out all the black metal though!) and you find something to enjoy.

Mine is mostly done, hope to finalise it and get it burned and posted by the start of next week


Yeah, it’ll be posted this week.

@Trev and @woweezowee - mine went in the post yesterday. Ho-ho-hopefully you will have it really soon.


Should be able to finish mine off over the weekend so will be sent out early net week

Great, looking forward to it :+1:
I got mine in the post this AM, hopefully it will arrive with you this side of Christmas.

Made mine will try to get it in the post either tomorrow or early next week.

Mine is now in the post to…


I hope you like boring white as fuck indie music or it might be a painful 77 minutes!


Your disc arrived today, thanks Trev, will look forward to listening to it - covering a lot of miles over Xmas so that’s some of the car soundtrack sorted.

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Thanks Icarus.

I’m sure I’ll love me some of that boring indie music
Some unequally gendered lofi marlacy heading your way soon, mix is done, got some new blank discs yesterday, but will most likely be Saturday when I can post. Cheers

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Lovely, probably won’t get my hands on it til after New Years but I look forward to it

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And yours arrived today too :slight_smile:
Have given it a quick listen, loads to like & a couple that I was very close to putting on mine… I don’t think there’s any crossover between the mixes which is great.
Looking forward to giving this a few more listens & no doubt having a deeper dive into a gem or two that this will point me in the direction of.
Thanks for the CD & thanks also for organising the mix swaps… it’s been a while since we did it & I’ve quite missed it.


Posted your CD at lunchtime so should arrive before Christmas.

great, thanks - looking forward to it! I’m hoping yours will be posted out tomorrow or Thursday, as it’s pretty much finished now.