The (not Secret) Santa CD swap

I might post mine on Monday.

@DustyNothing, yours went first class today so hopefully you’ll have it for Christmas!

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Thanks! Mine went out to you yesterday. Stuck it in a prepaid work envelope so when you get something landing on your doormat from Bestinvest don’t bin it as junk mail!

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@iain did you get your CD ok?

Mine is all selected and nearly put together. I had hoped to get it in the post but some technical problems held it back. Should go out to @Trev by the weekend at the latest.

Nice… I had put myself down for just the one swap this time round, so hadn’t expected another to be incoming… I’m not complaining :slight_smile:
I do have an extra CD so I’ll pop that off in the mail to you… I’ll still have your address from previous rounds, but PM me in case you’ve moved.

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Thanks a lot for your CD prob, it arrived earlier this week. Full of interesting looking stuff, so looking forward to some spins over the festive period.

By way of return. mine went in the post today. It’s a bit of a rush job I’m afraid, as the room my PC is in is now a nursery and I only had a narrow window of time to compile between getting home from work and kids bedtimes. Hope it arrives in time and there’s at least some stuff on there you haven’t already heard!

yes, a few days ago. thanks for that. looks great with a few old bands i recognise (mudhoney, superchunk, hot snakes) and loads i dont. looking forward to giving it a good listen over christmas.

yours is going in the post tomorrow. realised i dont have any envelopes so have done a bit of a DIY job for the package. good luck getting into it :slight_smile:

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THanks wz, if arrived today with perfect timing as I’m off at the weekend. Nicely improvised packaging too - I fully sympathised with being thinly spread with small children. Feedback in the new year.

Your CD arrived today, thanks! Yes, it did take some gentle persuasion to get into, but the CD made it out intact! :slight_smile:

I will it give it a listen at some stage this weekend.

Received your mix today @DustyNothing and very encouraged to see Young Jesus (somehow didn’t realise they had a new one out!), Flasher and Loma on there so very much looking forward to it!

First half given first listen on supermarket runs (yes)today. Really great stuff that I’m largely unfamiliar with. It’s a thumbs up from me! Happy Christmas!

Glad it arrived in time! The packaging was a happy accident when I realised the Christmas cards I happened to have in my work bag were the exact same dimensions as a CD slip case.

Been listening to your mix a lot on Christmas runarounds, so will also post up some feedback in the NY. Cheers.

Thanks very much. Really glad you’re enjoying it. Just returned home to find yours waiting for me. Looks like about 1/3 I know and love, 1/3 where I recognize the name but didn’t get round to checking them out this year and then a bunch of unknowns. I’m lucky enough to be heading off tomorrow to Norway for a week so will make sure this is loaded up to my ipod before I leave and I’ll report when I get back!

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I (finally) posted mine to @Trev yesterday- should be with you this morning or Monday.

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Cool, looking forward to it.
I’ll get my cd off to you this AM… it’s ready for the post office.

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@Prob500 - yours arrived this weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing some of the ones I’ve missed this year and also pleased we’ve got some overlapping albums (although different choices).

Mine is being posted tomorrow.

Received yours over Xmas, will be giving it a spin when I recommence commuting this week. Recognise a few but a lot I don’t know.

Tell me when you want a track list posted.

I’ve been away over Christmas, but have had one listen through so far, so will have some more listens over the next week too. I only know/have one song already, and recognised another. A tracklist would be good, thanks!

Top 20 starts on 5 minutes and captions each track.


Has date stamping which appears as track is played.