The OA on Netflix (minor spoilers)


Anyone watching this or watched it all already? It’s a sci-fi/mystery series. Another collaboration between Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. I liked their films The East and Sound Of My Voice. The OA is similar perhaps slightly to Sound Of My Voice. Another Earth remains one of my favourite films. Simply brilliant.

Anyway, I’ve just finished episode five out of the eight. Very good. Worth checking out.

:alien::rocket: pew pew let's have a sci-fi thread pew pew :alien::rocket:

First episode was intriguing and unlike anything else i’ve ever seen. Looking forward to the rest


Will, got nowt better to do


not watched any but I really like Brit Marling and a number of the things she’s been in / co-wrote / whatever

I didn’t realise it was out yet in fact


Hmmm yeah nah dont think i can be doing with that. So quirky.


Watched the first ep, really enjoyable. Theres a few bits which just dont ring true (eg MINOR SPOILER wherr she duped the teacher) but you go with it

Hope this exposes people to their other work cause all the films theyve done are really good


i can’t belive you minor spolered thw thewad


come on…she has powers (the dog)


Nah I mean…can someone remind me how to spoiler tag so I dont have to do this in future but


When she met the teacher and the teacher didnt catch on cause she had a diffrrent hair style
She wouldve still recognised her easily


Use the spoiler tag, mate


Did ask how to do them


Yeah that’s how you do it


oh yeah didnt realise there was one, sorty


Lovely to see chris_is_cool getting some work after his court martial.


7 years have passed - but yeh ok a fairish point.


True but this was after she had come bacl, surrly the teacher would have seen her on the news considering how big the story was presented

Just a minor gripe though, really intrigied by it


Just finished the series. I really liked it. I’m a fan of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij and so I’m unashamedly biased even before starting watching. Anyway, brilliant series. The ending did remind me of the ending in Sound Of My Voice but loved it all the same. Strong ending.


Bonus points to one of my mates. I was discussing the series via texts. He told me that Sharon Van Etten was one of the captives. I thought they looked familiar but it just didn’t click.


Currently watching, it’s a bit Stranger Things meets the Sound of my Voice innit? Still good though.


ending spoilers

got excited by a nosebleed, then the ending in the school I was like… WTF… that come from nowhere but then they all started dancing and I was all… ahhhhhh. in summary: it good