The official Article 50 - you are now triggered - thread

Is anyone else getting confused by @Songs_about_ducking and @anon82218317 having similar pictures?


gonna have to take issue with this

the ability to move overseas was - until today - no more of a privilege than being able to move from Portsmouth to Manchester or from Glasgow to Bristol or wherever you might care to name. It was a right that is being taken away

To frame European free movement as a ‘privilege’ is to echo the message of Brexiters and is damaging

the ability to ‘passport’ or move freely around Europe AFTER the UK’s withdrawal from the EU will definitely be a privilege afforded by a very few in society but that will be because of the free movement rights of ordinary people being cut off

I think it’s an important distinction to make


Well yeah, that too. Which isn’t achieved by buggering off somewhere else.

You’re reading something different into the word ‘ability’ than I meant.

The right to move overseas in the EU is just that, a right.

The ability to move overseas encompasses things like having enough capital, not having family ties or responsibilities, having transferable skills, having skills that are in demand, being physically able to move etc.

Lots of people in the UK do not have the ability to move to another EU country, even if they have the right to do so.

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I don’t think HYG is brown, so he could probably be Polish and still be welcomed tbh.


Still haunts me

I thought @anon82218317’s avatar was Ross from friends until I had a closer look just now.

Also, @zxcvbnm and @chadders

yeah this is correct. For instance I cannot leave the UK as I have to care for a sick family member indefinitely. I cannot see myself earning any money either…sad to think that a lot of the people who might appreciate and value me as a human being will soon be leaving this country to patronise me from afar.

except for the millions of people who move here cos it’s where the jobs are, making the housing problems etc twice as bad

at least I won’t have to live next to people who voted to kick half my family out of the country though. If that’s patronizing to you, then fuck it.


I’m not reading the word ability I’m reading the word privilege and in this context it is loaded with self-flagellation

your list of abilities covers a group of people who would have just as much difficulty moving from Leeds to London or Exeter to Aberystwyth and in most cases would anyway still be able to move though certainly not comfortably or easily …and now will (probably) be denied

you are also discounting people who have family members overseas or those who have partners/children with connections or family members overseas

free movement in Europe has been a fixture for at least a generation and the result of that is a continent whose lives are intertwined across all socio-economic boundaries. Don’t make the mistake of painting some kind of ‘middle-class pan-euro Elite’ as being the only victims in this, some of the poorest people I know have built lives and raised families across national borders in the last 20-25 years. Be careful using the word privilege as it’s easily swapped into a race-to-the-bottom argument

Be confused no more.

can’t blame you for that response

When the European banking sector moves to Frankfurt no one will want to be in London anymore

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Waiting for @zxcvbnm to change his to something similar now…

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your list of abilities covers a group of people who would have just as much difficulty moving from Leeds to London or Exeter to Aberystwyth

Apart from the language barrier, which is a huge cultural thing to many Brits. It’s also easier (and more affordable) to keep up with family responsibilities if they’re local, rather than overseas, obviously.

The ability to decide to move from the UK (whether it be to the EU or a country that already has strict entry requirements keeping many people out) puts someone in a hugely advantageous position compared to most.

I recognise that there are obstacles for a lot of people but most of them are not insurmountable [quote=“marckee, post:251, topic:13056”]
The ability to decide to move from the UK… puts someone in a hugely advantageous position compared to most.

again, up until Brexit the fact is that this is no more difficult than a move within the UK …of course I accept that many people have a chronic lack of mobility for a whole host of reasons

but my overall point still stands - that conflating losing the universal right of free movement within the EU with the curtailing of a privilege afforded to an affluent elite is really framing it Brexiteers terms

I didn’t conflate it at all.