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This is the official thread for archiving the best posts from the old forums so that we can link back to them when relevant.


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Wednesday evening thread

“the dial essential cranks up the power.”

Using one of my (maybe my only - we’ll find out) precious edits of the day to fix your shit, Ant, so don’t you give me any of your ‘NO CHAT’ bollocks - Theo.

(If that’s all I get and there’s a terrible troll post I can’t change to say “I suck goats” to annoy them then it’s on you.)





The archiving process is taking place here:





i would link to the TST but it’s too dangerous



Archive within an archive


@Antpocalypsenow why don’t you label the links you’re posting so we know what the threads are, you blithering idiot.


“Ooooh, I’m Jeremys_Iron and I love to label things. Look at me labelling things, I’m sooooo good at it”



Do you want me to show you how to do it?


Yes please.





Please go back through your terrible, badly planned thread and amend your posts accordingly.


Chance would be a fine thing! (@sean let us edit our posts forever plz)