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Perfect train / underground music imo


Good choice and good discussion. Never heard this album before. Don’t think I even knew it existed. Haven’t heard of the majority of these rappers either lol. Gotta say it’s kind of a random choice given his other output, but I gotta respect the pick, personal classic material is what this thread should be about.

These beats would seem basic to the untrained ear but there’s some nice details under the covers, snares are really punchy throughout. He’s as deft at producing perfect sounding boom bap drums as anyone. I need to do more digging on his production techniques cos ive always thought his stuff sounds pretty unique. I think it’s something to do w the bass sounds he uses but not sure. There’s def something there tho that sets his sound apart from his contemporaries.

Not sure I’d return to this as an album but I’m down w cherrypicking a handful of tracks for sure.


Yeah, I appreciate that it might seem like a random pick, but it’s a definite favourite of mine, features one of my all-time favourite rap songs and was a big gateway album for me leading from Redman into everything else in that realm.

for anyone who’s enjoyed this release at all it’s well worth checking out his first two solo albums No Pressure and Double or Nothing as well as as much of his 90s production duties as you can get (Keith Murray’s first album and the first two Redman albums in particular), not to even mention the 1988-1992 EPMD run of back to back classics…


let me say very little more though in case any of those albums are future DiS HH LC picks :sunglasses:


Ha yeah it’s hard not to turn this thread into lists and rankings but I appreciate that it hasn’t devolved into that, lol i was the first one to bring rankings into it :confused: I do think it’s ok to talk where a recommended album itt sits in the artist’s discography or in the bigger cultural/regional picture. Sometimes that context can help frame things in a different light. I doubt anyone else is gonna rec another E Sermon album at this point but I could see maybe an EPMD pick down the line. Feel like EPMD are slowly being forgotten as time goes one.

@Dan_S would love to give my top Bay Area 50 picks but i’d have to spend more time thinking about it and would want to do it outside of this thread.


Was just notified about this, and thought of you guys! It’s nice too, although very different sounding production from Dwight Spitz…


Yeah, liked No Pressure at the time. Stay Real is a banger.


Redman is a national treasure.


@nav Think after his first two solo albums you can just pick a few tracks from each album to make a best of. This would obv be at the top of the list


think this is my fav joint off Double Or Nothing


This is more in the vein of Dam Funk. Kinda like it.


Yeah totally agree - don’t want to turn this into a top tens thread - way more fun as it is. The only reason I asked was because I’m pretty new to Bay Area gear and wanted to know if there were any classics I might not have listened to yet. Very much looking forward to your top 100 countdown though!

Still really digging this week’s pick - have a three hour commute at the moment so it’s getting a lot of play. Totally agree that these beats are amazing for train rides. Predictably it’s the Keith Murray and Redman tracks that keep getting the rewinds, but I love the way the whole thing flows. Thought the DJ skits that link the tracks might get old, but it’s done well, so they never do. So, so nostalgic as well! Been playing the first two Erick solo LPs off the back of this too. Regressed about 20 years this week.


Yeah - exactly what I thought. If it had been included on 7 Days Of Funk I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid


This isone of the best things about the Def Squad. They are all naturally funny guys. They just seem to be having fun and it shines through.


Yes. Redman on MTV Cribs was classic. What was his cousins name? Lance or something. Brilliant.


Truly one of the best moments in 90s hip hop and entertainment. Sugar Bear I think was his cuz name.


lol right on cue


Wednesday today!


It’s Wednesday y’all! :fire: Since I remember seeing a few big Devin the Dude fans on here, I reckon this’ll be a revisit for them, but if not welcome to the world of Odd Squad!

Fadanuf Fa Erybody is probably most famous for 2 things, as Devin’s introduction to the rap world back in 1994 and as Scarface’s pick for the best album ever released on Rap-A-Lot Records. It’s also one of the most original and downright fun Southern rap albums of the era. It’s the Rap-A-Lot party record. It’s Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde with a Southern funk swing and the ignant lyrics turned up to 11. Devin is definitely the star of the show, with the smartest lyrics and most varied flows, but Rob Quest and Jugg Mugg hold their own and the three really have great chemistry. Beats are a blast of upbeat funk, jazz and soul.

A fun and ridiculous album that, probably due to its utter lack of commercial success never really spawned any imitators. As a result it kind of stands on its own and it’s one I always go back to.


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