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Alright I’m posting on behalf of @dollarsandcents today. Next pick coming right up…


Gift of Gab — 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up



have not listened to this in a LONG time. interested to see what i think about it in 2017. Way of the Light is really a beautiful track.


You know, I loved Blackalicious, but could never get hold of a copy of this for some reason. Enjoy everything they do, including the latest album, so will surely find plenty to enjoy here. Might do a little run through of their other stuff too :slight_smile:


Interesting choice! Loved the first few Blackalicious things, but lost track for no particular reason. Gift of Gab is an amazing rapper - don’t think I checked any of his solo stuff.


another good pick - barely scratched the surface with Blackalicious let alone solo albums so this will be taking me down a bit of a new path


was kind of an interesting time when this came out. the real hiphop vs pop rap world war was in full swing. college dropout had just been released, trying to bridge the gap a bit. 2004 was a really great and memorable year for all kinda rap.


Listening to this at the mo. Beats are 2004 as fuck, in a way that always gets me nostalgic :smiley: . I checked, and it turns out it’s mostly produced by Jake One, who was breaking out and doing some nice stuff at them time (Rock Co.Kane Flow is still one of my all time faves). As you say, College Dropout shook everything up. In 2004, Jake was an underground producer, Kanye was tearing up the rule book by putting Freeway and Mos Def on the same track, and some years later Freeway and Jake were doing a record together (probably the best album of Freeway’s career). And the “underground”/“pop rap” divide seems very silly now.

Anyway, I’d say the beats are a bit more conventional than the typical Blackalicious stuff but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Enjoying the record.


oh man no way, Philadelphia Freeway ftw!


I hadnt realized Jake One produced most of this.

think this was the last CD i bought from a Virgin Records megastore RIP.


I can agree with Philadelphia Freeway > Stimulus Package > Free at Last > the rest


I’ve got the collab album w The Jacka in the upper echelon as well.



bit of trepidation going into this, used to find gift of gab rapping really fast like getting beat in the head. preferred twista for going quick at that point, a bit bit more warmth to the flow.

had not heard this album and enjoyed it a lot, nice one dollarsandcents.

like littlebirds said- very 2004 sounding. even earlier maybe- have never heard anyone get that neptunes sound like jake one here on ‘up’ and ‘moonshine’.

‘ride on’ reminds me of dilla, reckon he would’ve wrenched a bit more emotion from that sample though.


Bumpity bump bump.

Also I’ve now gone through everyone that hit me up to be involved so If I missed anyone or you want in now, let me know. If not, we’ll just keep going around in the same order and add in others as they request.


Thanks shippers, been enjoying this thread. Only just started listening to this week after a hella busy work week. Enjoying the harp feels on the opener.


would’ve absolutely loved this if I’d have heard it when it came out. as it is, it’s merely a pleasant diversion. the production is nice enough but lacking a bit of oomph for my tastes these days. think it’s the drum sound, needs to be crisper, snappier, more productive. the rapping is good but yeah, doubt I’ll listen to it again in the foreseeable.


I’d say the Blackalicious stuff has aged better tbh. Though this was a nice throwback


yeah 100%. I enjoyed it well enough but I can’t imagine opting for this over blackalicious if I need a gift of gab fix


yeah it’s grab a few tracks for playlists type of thing for me.