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Are we taking a week off? I might revisit a few if so, and maybe give this Gift of Gab another go as i was pretty lukewarm on it.


Apparently so. Guess it’s @theShipment next week


Been really slack for the past couple of weeks - was away with work and knackered. Sorry @dollarsandcents and @Jamos. Going to do both this week if we’re having a recess. Think it is @theShipment up next, but probs not this week, cos it’s Thanksgiving and I imagine he’s in a food coma somewhere…


Lol yah food coma will kick in in a few hours. sorry y’all was gonna post yesterday but a work project got crazy and now it’s thanksgiving. Let’s give a few days to catch up and I’ll kick it back off next Wednesday.


So I’m massively into the Casual record. For reasons that are totally beyond me, I’d never really given it that much attention before, even though I knew about it from when it was released. I remember trip hop DJs in particular absolutely rinsing Me-O-Mi-O at the time.

Not got masses to add to what everybody else has said, but agree it’s a straight-up classic. Works as an album too - no weak tracks and Casual’s keeps the subject matter and style varied. Easily on a par with Del and Souls Of Mischief’s albums from the same time, which is saying something. Casual can be added to the long list of ridiculously talented teenagers in 90s hip hop, too.

On to the Gift of Gab, and I’m not feeling this one quite as much. It’s still totally solid, but not on a level with some of the other records ITT.

Like others, was into the early Solesides stuff, particularly Blackalicious and Latyrx, but always felt they missed the boat a bit. Would have liked to see them take advantage of all of the hype DJ Shadow received in the late 90s/early 00s, but it never seemed to really happen for them. Like littlebirds says, the beats on this are more conventional, and I think I like Gab over the more trippy, spaced-out stuff he was rapping over when he started out. He is a really good technical MC though, and this is a pretty good showcase.


Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz — Mobstability



Very interested to see what the group thinks of this. It’s completely a personal classic for me. Twista’s Adrenaline Rush came out a year or so before this (1997) and is usually noted as his best album, I would argue that this is better. Both were produced fully by Legendary Traxster but this album has a couple things that set it apart:

  • Twista can handle duties over a full album but i have a hard time sitting through full albums of virtuoso speed rappers. I need a break. This album has two other rappers (Liffy Stokes and Mayz) that are on every track with him. This is great cos Twista basically comes in and drops one verse per track as well as the heavy lifting on a lot of the hooks. I always thought some of these tracks played out like a relay race: the other guys do their job and get the baton around safely but when they hand the baton off to twista it’s like he grabs it and just flies.
  • Their is a very wide range of styles on this album. You’ve got your diss track (Bone Crusher!). You’ve got straight mob tracks (mobstability, mob up, loyalty, motive 4 murder). You’ve got party tracks (in your world, smoke wit you, rock yall spot). You’ve got some slow jams (warm embrace, dreams, front porch, legit ballers). And they all work and somehow come together.


I purchased this CD along with my fav album of all time Rhythm-al-ism on the same day and those two albums soundtracked so many hours of time with my group of friends. We still talk about these albums when we all get back together every year or two.


I should add that you should all skip Party Hoes and pretend it doesn’t exist. I removed it from the spotify playlist and have always skipped it.


Obviously not going to skip it now :smiley:


natch. we loved it as teenagers. but we also played a lot of too short and 2 live crew. strip club jams have their place. beyond that tho, it’s just the weakest song on the album (the synth is awesome tho).


your point being? :rofl:

nothing wrong with too short.


Front Porch and Legit Ballers are both top 5 Legendary Traxster productions.


On the other hand, Me So Horny came on a playlist though the other day and it did make me cringe like fuck. It was a different time


of course, but you know.


front porch is the jam on here, right old car suspension-tester.

know it’s a high bar, but for me timbaland was doing skittering beats better at that time


Yeah Timbo woulda done some crazy drum patterns on that track.


ah no, I wasn’t clear- I love front porch, beats included. meant the drums on the album as a whole


i hear you. random connection but I bought the Dr Doolittle soundtrack in 98 and that’s how i heard In Your World first, prompted me to buy the mobstability cd. Anyway, on the Dr Dolittle ost is this under-appreciated Timbaland track:


good memory :slight_smile: