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Not heard this one. Have seen it mentioned before, alongside Royal Flush’s debut. Looking forward to checking it


Yeah, I liked that Royal Flush album too.


nice one. retroactively bought this after getting Vendetta in 97. this is prob the better of the two but they are pretty different, debut is more dusty/grimy.

Time to Build is fun. pretty crazy they were able to get all that (future) star-power on one track. You can hear why all of them took off and Mic G didnt. Obv he’s not bad at all but just lacks that little extra grit in his voice that DMX and Ja Rule have, or the smooth bravado of Jay’s vox. Pretty cool he was able to get them all back on his second album, too.


Really enjoying Reflection Eternal. Pretty classic tbh. Not Talib’s biggest fan and even at his peak he can border on being a bit too earnest & corny for my tastes but this album is undeniably great and the production, features and concept of the album all elevate it. No idea why I swerved it as a teenager because I had a phase where Like Water for Chocolate, Black Star, Black on Both Sides, and several other albums in a similar galaxy were on heavy rotation, and this would always pop up in the same discussions. Think if i’d bumped it then it could have become a personal classic whereas now I listen with a bit more nostalgia.

Really looking forward to Mic Geronimo. Really not familiar but already curiosity piqued by the DITC (& Lost Boyz!) features and production


100& agree. I think this album at its best is like 80% as good as mobb deep’s Hell on Earth album, which is nothing to sniff at.


Glad you enjoyed it

No bigger crime on DiS for a musician is there :wink:
Think my tolerance for earnest is quite high as evidenced by my love of Kate Tempest.


Yeah - this album is all about the production. Mic Geronimo is pre low key and fits round it nicely.


earnestness can work. talib just became one of the the poster boys for ‘real’ hip-hop and it def tarnished his message and legacy. i remember his lil wayne comments being a big deal towards correcting that


I’m already happy just to have some unfamiliar Buckwild coming into my week


not least because this came out same year as Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous which is a stone cold classic imo and I think Buck can easily claim the throne for best production on the album even up against Showbiz & Lord Finesse


I remember reading a great interview with bonafide lyrical behemoth Mims where he basically said I don’t really like Lil’ Wayne because some of his lyrics just don’t make sense, and he quoted that lasagna line


‘train of thought’ is my fave track after one listen, so you’re in for a treat there.

very interesting curio of an album.




This is sounding so good to me right now. Might be that my new cans are opening this up in ways I hadn’t heard before.


we all know who history favours in that one


Nice! I find that with a lot of albums that I’ve revisited after many years. Especially stuff you might have owned on cassette and bumped in a Walkman.


He’s brilliant. Love his beats. Did you ever check out this compilation?


i certainly did not but i certainly will right now!!

I didn’t even clock that he was behind a lot of the Artifacts stuff, their main album rules too


It’s great. That F.A.T.A.L. Fountain ‘All About Wars’ track. :fire::fire::fire: Westwood klaxon :fire::fire::fire:


Really digging the productions on here by this guy but hadnt heard of him before. His beats are def a little warmer and have a little more r&b slant, appeals to me. Very pleasant organ/keyboard tones hanging around at the bottom of the mix on all his beats.

He produced Shoop!