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First mixtape we’ve had in this thread? Also enjoyed this back in the day. Always interesting to go back to a breakout record after the hype and expectations have long fizzled out. Weird career trajectory he’s had… what I heard of his 2017 album was appalling. Kinda like Lupe if he never had any of the post mixtape success or eventual (semi) resurgence


*I mean artistic success rather than commercial success btw. I guess Wale has shifted a fair few records


Oh God, this A&R for Cliche Records skit…

“Crank Dat Flying Squirrel” is definitely a good bit of satire that still stands up nearly a decade later…


Oh Jesus, that bit where Mark Ronson makes him go through his verse slowly because the verse is “so ill”


So once through it, it’s baggier than I remember, really sags in the mid section and there’s a few too many holier-than-thou moments scattered throughout it (never occurred to me how daft it was to have that skit about club tracks and “rave rap” like two tracks before The Bmore Club Slam which is just a fairly straight up club/rave-rap…)

BUT, there are still some fucking great moments on it The Heavy Song, The Freestyle, The Manipulation and as excruciating as that Ronson interjection is, that verse with all the overt Seinfeld references on The Chicago Falcon is fucking brilliant.


Ant dropping a day early!

Very interested to see what I think about this tape now.


Oh shit! Sorry!


No problem at all :christmas_tree:


well I find Wale pretty insufferable so this will be a welcome challenge!


nice one ant- had been considering revisiting, to possibly put in this thread.

I saw another hiphop/Seinfeld crossover at primavera this year, this t-shirt in the death grips audience…


Great post :+1:

Can’t be overstated how central Hi-Tek is to that record.

I think coming to Kweli and ‘conscious’ hip-hop way after the fact, I don’t have that baggage associated with the scene. Anyway, glad you enjoyed revisiting.


Initial impressions - listening while working so not really paying much attention to lyrical content.

Production is cool - the drums, in particular, are great and really bounce along. His voice doesn’t feel suited to the music though? Not sure quite what it is about it - feels like it needs something grittier. There’s very little variation in pitch - more of a monotone delivery. Feel like this needs someone who’s delivery will dance with the production rather than stand steady against it.

Update: The Kramer just came on. He sounds more in sync with the music here.


I feel the production/ voice thing you say a lot on mixtapes, with rappers going over beats that other rappers have already made their own.

haha, I want his voice to be more monotone! he does the upward inflection even more than kweli


Ha! Monotone until the end of his lines basically


Hi guys

I know that I’m supposed to be up today, but I’m also aware that due to the festive period and whatnot, I haven’t really given Ant’s pick the attention it deserves. I reckon that it might be better to postpone for a week (or possibly even two, cos of New Year’s) so we can discuss Wale, then I’ll kick on.

What does everyone else think?

Cheers and happy holidays!


I’m keen to play catchup - i reckon let’s resume in 2018!




Yeah good call, i’ll be mostly out of commission until the 10th. @Dan_S throw up your pick on that day if you would and we’ll kick it back off then.


So I really enjoyed Mic Geronimo. Listened to it on the train to and from London yesterday, great train music. Really fits into all that dusty 90s New York rap that I love. Always good to expand the DITC presence in my catalogue. My favourite is probably Lifecheck at the moment, those kind of bass-driven beats just do it for me and they’re the reason I haven’t got sick of Dare Iz A Darkside ever in my life. Men V. Many is also a really great beat. All round the raps and production are solid. I can’t see myself listening to this an exhausting amount but i’ll definitely have it in rotation with all my other favourites.

Also that Buckwild 1993-1997 compilation the discussion led to is another real gem

Onto Wale…


No excuses tomorrow lads, the new year is well underway!