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the og is hilarious (1985 before any of these dudes were anything)


the fact this is from 1985 is mind boggling (acey was 15, they’re already deconstructing rap)


CYNE - Time Being


I just saw that this record got a deluxe reissue recently so I thought it was a good opportunity for a revisit. Time Being dropped in what I see as one of the last real purple patches for boom bap rap and one that was breathed life into by unconnected Southern acts like Little Brother, Cunninlynguists and Cyne. Their second album, Evolution Fight, got a fair amount of press at the time and has probably gone on to low key classic status. Their equally great debut is probably a little overlooked and more than deserves a revisit. Lush, laid back and impeccably delivered southern boom bap is the name of the game. Check it

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Haha. Was listening to Andrew Emery on Romesh Ranganathans podcast last night and I think a generation of us had our listening biases defined by what we had drip fed to us by HHC.

Speaking of which, I didn’t realise that HHC predates The Source! I always assumed I never the saw The Source as a lad because nobody stocked it over here.


Nice. Never heard this before. :muscle:


The Deluxe edition has all kind of extra bits on it. The (actually pretty short) 14 track album is my main concern but the bonus tracks are worth a listen. :v:t4:


completely unfamiliar with this, nice


production on this is really nice. don’t think I’d know they were from the south just from listening to it though. will give some of the bonus tracks a go when I relisten but enjoyed the main album a lot on first spin


Glad you’re enjoying it! Yeah, I mean, they’re from Florida, but there’s no hallmarks of a Florida or Miami, or dirty south sound at all. I’d say there was a mini wave of “Southerners can rap too” kinda records around that time. It’s boom bap and jazz rap just made by cats from the south. I mean, you could review this record without ever mentioning where they’re from, which I guess could kinda be a criticism too but they do what they do well :upside_down_face:


hhc and the source were founded the same year, so it probably was the lack of stockists


I had a Source subscription but my parents wouldn’t approve so had it shipped to my best friends house and would read it over there.


been a while since i dove into CYNE. i forgot how much these guys sound like the cunninlynguists! raps are a little cornier than i remember but the production is low key and nice. 400 years (not the revisited version) is prob my favo on here.

i think this group got much better after this album. they matured a bit and got less preachy, more introspective and political. The introspective/political tracks on time being are prob the best.


Evolution Fight is the only album they have that comes close to this one. I’d agree that album has the slight edge over this one but thought this would be fresh for more people.

Also RE: CYNE (also Cunnilyguists, Little Brother who I lazily lump them in with) kinda thought they were corny for a long time but have come right back around to them. They made good hip hop music.


yeah i like all those groups. would rephrase and just say some of the lines are corny, but overall it works. all rappers have corny lines so…
Self Exam and First Person are standing out to me right now.

pretty dark things is more left field but i like the chances it takes.


the beat on Steady is sweet. reminds me of early Jedi Mind Tricks.


they must have gotten rid of the centrefold by now- hip hop honeyz? you’d have that and every now and again some right-on longform politics, like the content of ‘the 13th’. strange combinations


Tempted to pick something from an ad in the back of the Source when it’s my turn next.


Alright you experts, my 8 year old daughter expressed a desire to listen to more “hip-hop” and I want to find some lyrically appropriate stuff, starting with some classics but by all means taking in some recent albums where appropriate. I’ll have to skip Kendrick Lamar. At present, I’m going to try:

De La Soul - 3ft High and Rising
Dreamwarriors - Subliminal Simulation
Souls of Mischief - 93 til Infinity
New Kingdom - Heavy Soul

For obvious reasons, I’ll probably have to miss out Public Enemy, NWA, the Wu Tang Clan and associated spinoffs etc. I’m not really sure how appropriate a lot of hip-hop is for younger listeners…


conveniently enough, I saw GBOL romesh ranganathan tweet this earlier


Well that’s pretty nigh on perfect - thanks!