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this list is pretty much spot-on tbh. should easily satiate her @funkycow

(apart from The Humpty Dance?!! ‘Do the humpty-hump’ from an album called ‘Sex Packets’?!)

non-ironic suggested additions:

definitely let her know how many cool lady rappers there have been and are too


ah man can’t believe I forgot my favourite. Monie Love was my first proper crush. all clean positive uplifting child friendly raps:

also this was my favourite rap song when I was 8:


monie love looks young now from this documentary the other night, at 43 minutes…


the producer on cyne really likes the koto?
not feeling it lyrically, is po-faced and religious-y


Digging this. Lovely production. Samura’s Optic the one I keep rewinding. These guys completely passed me by at the time. Never even heard of them.


also been really enjoying this week’s pick. The raps are solid but for me the production is top notch and what would bring me back. Surprised I never heard their name or heard any of these beats being repurposed at all. Nothing’s Scared, Steady, 400 years and Samura’s Optic are my favourites.

The slightly earnest lyricism and some of the production flourishes had me thinking about Nujabes at points, who I love, and then I finally connected the dots and realised I had heard of them after all…


Yesss. Really into Nujabes too. Particularly Modal Soul :slight_smile:


Really glad some of y’all are enjoying this pick. Have to stress that you should check out Evolution Fight if you liked this one. As theShipment pointed out the lyrics and confidence on the mic improved and the beats were equally brilliant. Had wrongly assumed a lot of people would already have been familiar with it and probably would have chosen it otherwise. I just think in comparison Time Being gets few plaudits.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s pick and still bumping Yaggfu Front and Aceyalone. You guys have great taste :fire:


Hi lb

Really sorry for not joining in this week. I’ve had three job interviews so been a bit hectic. Looking forward to listening though - never even heard of CYNE before, but judging by everyone else’s comments, this is something I need to sort out. Cheers


No problems man! Catch up whenever you get time. And good luck with your interviews and real life stuff :wink:


Tommy Wright iii - Runnin-N-Gunnin


produced by tommy as well. dynamic and dramatic rap and production. 808? trunk rattlers, pearson sound uses a lot from the same playbook, I think.

joyous delivery to these nefarious tales.

the interview on youtube is well worth a watch, he’s had a very storied life.


Blimey. How’d you come across this?

I found a DL here. Sure Tommy won’t mind…


Yassss. A definite change from what we’ve had the last few weeks. We need some Memphis rap up in here and Tommy is one of my favs. More familiar with On the Run than Runnin-N-Gunnin so looking forward to digging in further.

The tape has been uploaded on youtube too:


This is horrible. I love it.


i heard legowelt playing ‘4 corners pt 2’ on nts and be like ohhhhhhhhhhh weeeeeee!

kept playing it and eventually checked the full album.

think this is the legowelt show. he’s got a few all Memphis rap mixes too by the looks of it…


I love how lo-fi it is. It being ripped off tape adds to it, as does that ropey cover which I assume he did himself.

Never really delved too deep into Memphis rap, aside from the bigger names like 8Ball and MJG and Three 3 Mafia. Funny how it sounds so ‘current’ - people like Spark Master Tape, Delroy Edwards etc have pretty much lifted it wholesale. Didn’t realise.


yes, delroy Edwards, pearson sound. I loved the wire’s invisible jukebox with hessle in the last issue, but they missed a trick not playing some tommy. this album’s right in the sweet spot, earlier tommy is a little too raw for me and later more polished. not to mention the song composition.

listening runnin n gunnin today, can’t remember which tune, but the cadence sounded exactly like that current, migos-y flow too.

much as I know it’s probably healthier to think in terms of scenes in the growth of music, I’m always drawn to seemingly bolt from the blue genius.


I’m pumped for this. Haven’t heard.


This reaction is promising hah.