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Can you explain what you mean here?


ha! yeah, that’s a mess! i’ll have another go. was thinking about how new music genres/ trends are formed. guess it’s through multiple people with shared musical outlooks, possibly in a particular region (especially pre-internet), cribbing techniques from each other and previous generations, spurring each other on, breakthroughs coming collectively and incrementally. rather than a single auteur inventing styles on their own. in this case, we were talking about how futuristic tommy was, when there were probably other people doing similar things. Memphis seems to have been a strong scene.

probably doesn’t make sense either. I chat rubbish


yeah that makes sense for sure. thats why regional rap scenes are the best way to navigate this vast genre. memphis rap scene runs really deep. bout halfway through this and recognized a couple tracks from various comps: runnin n gunnin (has to be one of the all time great memphis rap songs) and still pimpin (princess loko killlllllls this). Loving this. that bass (another nod from kendricks humble?) on killa by nature contrasted w the sparking keys, as good as it gets right there.


operatic singing on runnin n gunnin is ridiculous, love it. whole album feels camp even though they’re describing g things. I think it’s a knowing style.

can’t describe and don’t know what the sound is on ‘still pimpin’ that reminds me of big boi/ Gucci ‘shine blockas’. love it. think tommy claims Gucci’s character in spring breakers was based on him and that hustle and flow is about him. I need to see that.

journo(s) were claiming hiphop artists had started recognising mental health issues, was it a couple of years ago? should’ve heard ‘killa by nature’. geto boys too, I guess.

it seems he’s crossed over to a skate crowd, check this cartoon to ‘killa by nature’ from 30 seconds in…

also waves with dance people, he credits mad decent for giving him a first post prison/ wilderness years gig.


just wrapped up that interview. so good. he’s one of those just-missed-out-on-world-fame type of dudes. gut wrenching and sad really. the interviewers are like ‘man all these famous dudes like XXXXX and YYYY LOVE YOU MAN AND REP YOU’ and he’s like well why dont they work w me then. clearly hungry to get out there still and work with whomever will have him. had to go back to hustling cos the rap game wasnt lucrative for him, so tragic. he seems in a good place mentally about it all tho, down to earth all things considered. being a pioneer isnt easy…

that’s the fun

hustle and flow is good! yo can see how the character is based on him from that interview alone


i fucking love this, i’ve always been curious about digging into some lo-fi tape raps but never got round to it. love it. he’s got a fruity bop that I can really get behind. the production is great, doesn’t suffer at all from being so lo-fi

found this whilst doing my googles which might interest some of you. he’s just wrapped up a tour too


Great interview. Who are the presenters? Funny when he’s talking about how he went to prison and he’s all “Yeah dog, they’s how they get you, yo!”


Well, yeah. Not like Minds Playing Tricks On Me wasn’t absolutely massive at the time.


he says geto boys were one of the only hip hop things getting played in the club, when he was a young 'un in that red bull show Navajo posted. another really good listen, that.


haaa those interviewers were pretty corny but tommy is talking most of the time anyway


Young Bleed - My Balls and My Word


wanted to do ‘preserved’ but it’s not on spotify, that’s ok because this is a goodie too - it has his biggest / only hit (how you do dat) and also my personal favourite bleed track (the day they make me boss). only quibble with this album is that there isn’t enough young bleed on it - there’s a lot of features on this thing, to the extent that I suspect some of the tracks might’ve began life belonging to some of the other guys and were handed over to pad his album out a bit. it’s a minor quibble though as despite that it is surprisingly cohesive and the features are generally pretty great anyway.

look at that cover art too, fucking glorious. pretty restrained for pen & pixel tbf


On hols at the moment. Gonna catch up and post thoughts on this and the next one when I get back. Good to see a No Limit album (and cover) in here




yeah I still need to post some thoughts about the last one & aceyalone, been meaning to listen to them both a bit more before I do


yeah this just like Tommy Wright III is the kind of thing I’ve always been really up for checking out and never gotten round to digging into. well up for this

LOVED last week’s by the way. the track Runnin-n-Gunnin might be in my top 10 rap songs


there’s a lot of features on this thing, to the extent that I suspect some of the tracks might’ve began life belonging to some of the other guys and were handed over to pad his album out a bit

one of the other guys is kinda 2pac sounding, I think


the track runnin-n-gunnin sounds a little hyphy to me- that dry jingling and bassline. you having that @theShipment ?


This is how No Limit worked in it’s heyday. Every album was a family (label) affair. if anything this is kinda low key for a prime era no limit record, only 14 tracks(!). They were pretty much all at least 20 tracks. If i recall this was a joint release w priority records and he wasnt actually signed to no limit, but cant remember the details. the big single how you do that had already been out for a year on the im bout it ost.


btw if you’re not listening to how ya do dat without something that can handle sufficient bass then dont even bother.