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Basically did the same thing this week inspired by this thread and the Organized Noize doc. Would massively recommend everyone else does the same. That Cool Breeze album is an absolute stormer, and Sleepy’s Theme ‎– The Vinyl Room is another lost classic. When you take all of these together with the work they were doing with Outkast and Goodie Mob at the same time, Organized Noize were absolutely running things in 1998.


1996-1999 is such a rich era for amazing stuff that got really slept on.

I’m really liking this album. Maybe not as much as yourself, but agree that the bar has been set high. Already trawling Spotify, my MP3 library and my mind for gems that I think people may not have heard.


Ritual was a revelation in my car system. Think I listened to it 3-4 times in a row on the commute home Friday.


my golden era :lock:


Goergia Plains is awesome but I’d have a hard time deciding which song that samples that bassline in Southside Movement’s I’ Been Watching You is ‘best’. Probably’d have to go with a threeway tie between the Witchdoctor, Cormega and Brotha Lynch versions.

Another little thing: on The Ancient Sahore when those hammer on/off electric guitars tones get going in the first minute I get my hopes up that the Chonkeyfire drop is about to kick in.


Georgia Plains, Holiday, Hurtin’ and The Ritual are the ones for me at the moment. Love the melancholy beat on Hurtin’ in particular.


Jean Grae - This Week


Crikey, this was a fun but stressful task. I love Jean’s flow, her lyrical dexterity, and her sense of humour. Production is pretty good although maybe loses a bit of momentum around the 2/3 mark before picking up for a strong finish. All in all, I just love hearing Jean’s syllables dancing over the beats - think she’s one of the greats.


Nice. I slept on a lot of her stuff.

For my own curiosity I dug the production credits out…

1 Intro - J. Cardim
2 A-Alikes - Sid Romes*
3 Cuervo Loco (Skit) - Will Tell
4 Going Crazy/Skit - Joey Chavez
5 Style Wars - Joey Chavez
6 Not Like Me
7 Supa Luv - 9th Wonder
8 Give It Up - Shan Boogie*
9 Whatever - Belief
10 The Wall - LT. Moe
11 Before The Spot (Skit) - Will Tell
12 You Don’t Want It - Bruce Waynne, Dirty Swift
13 Watch Me - Sid Romes*
14 P.S. - J. Cardim
15 Fyre Blazer - Adam Deitch
16 Don’t Rush Me - 9th Wonder


Thanks. I particularly like the Sid Romes tracks - never heard of Sid before.


This will be a good trip down memory lane for me. Was really into this independent stuff coming out of Brooklyn at the time. Records like this, Wordsworth’s Mirror Music, Pumpkinhead’s Orange Moon Over Brooklyn and Masta Ace’s A Long Hot Summer all released around the same time.

Haven’t listened to this album, or her, in years. So interested to see how it holds up all these years later! Will report back :slight_smile:


Adds to to-do list

My hip-hop knowledge is relatively limited - all suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


First time I was ever abused on the internet was whilst downloading a Brooklyn Academy tape off Napster from a guy in the States who called me a Eurofag. Good times! RIP Pumpkinhead.

That Masta Ace album is great. Had some Ace on my shortlist for this thread actually…

Enjoying this album. Reminds me of the days I’d still go record/CD shopping in London. Mr CD on Berwick was always good for relatively obscure indie CDs around this time.


This Supa Luv beat is right up my street


9th :heart_eyes:
New Rapsody album on Friday on Jamla which I’m super psyched for.


So I liked this, it suffers from the bloat that loads of records from that timer period suffer from but it was decent. I’m on a real 9th tip at the minute anyway so Supa Luv was absolutely my highlight.


Didn’t even know he passed away :cry: :tumbler_glass:


Totally with you on the bloat (in spite of loving the album). Like, I could listen to any of the tracks individually and enjoy JG’s cadence, but as a single sitting it’s maybe 3 tracks too long. ‘Supa Luv’ is terrific - I like that it’s a kinda weirdly goofy for a rap about romance/love, not overtly sexual (and it’s kinda jokey when it is with the ‘party in my pants’ line).


on first listen this is quite good, 7 on 10 maybe, a-alikes and you don’t want it the early standouts for me. didn’t care for supa luv much, too cluttered (probs didn’t help that I was trying to work at the same time tbf). will chuck it on again over the weekend when I can give it a proper listen


Masta Ace’s record is definitely the one of those that endures. The others are minor curiosities these days but A Long Hot Summer is still great