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I wasn’t criticising that method, just copied and pasted what jamos said, to make the pac comparison.


when the snares kick in double time about 2 min into the song >>>

video is necessary viewing, too


That method was a blessing and a curse for no limit. if you really loved, say C Murder or Mystikal, then you would buy pretty much every no limit release cos they were featured on every album at least twice. speaking from experience lol. But no rapper got to really have an album to themselves and they all kinda ran into each other.


No surprise my three fav tracks on here all had KLC production credits, Keep it Real, Bring the Noise (Pimp C co production credit!) and How Ya Do Dat. Happy Perez produced most of this and Da Last Outlaw, The Day They Make Me Boss and Ghostrider show his skillset. The Day They Make Me Boss has a really sweet hook.


yeah! speed that up a half step and I could see some dreads head banging to it for sure.


beat on Keep It Real is all I need to know I love this

thread really delivering, last two weeks are albums I would probably never have gotten round to on my own


you’re not wrong, i listened to it off my laptop for a minute then switched to headphones like :exploding_head:


Bring this podcast up a lot, but Romesh Ranganathan (UK comedian) was talking to DJ MK (like our version of DJ Clue) about hip hop from the South and his theory about how car culture (or lack thereof) in the UK kind of hampered it here, as you really had to listen to it in a club or in a car with a decent system. But now everyone has at least a half decent set of headphones, and even the speakers in my VW Polo are pretty good. :sunglasses:


Obligatory link to Louis Theroux meeting Master P and getting an album cover done at Pen and Pixel (13mins)


I haven’t heard this style a lot- a good percentage of my exposure is from davis on ‘treme’!


Ha! Loved that show. I remember he played a lot of Juvenile.


this is an interesting theory and sounds correct. pretty much everyone in my high school had at least a subwoofer added to their car system. even if you had a hooptie that bass hat to be slammin. west coast bay area stuff slammed just as hard as the south tho.


Another 1998 release, my fav year for rap. I think No Limit released like 24 albums that year lmao.


Enjoying this a lot. Kind of took me by surprise. Very laid back sound. I had always looked at the Pen and Pixel cover and the Scarface riffing title and just wrote it off as something entirely different. And I keep coming back to Pen and Pixel because they really fascinate me as a business, but they are probably one of the main reasons these guys were slept on in certain markets. The ads at the back of the Source with four of these covers on one A4 page were a constant source of amusement to me and my friends back in the day. I know you shouldn’t judge an album by it’s cover and all that, but when you hear an album like this which is so nicely crafted, those Photoshop monstrosities are really jarring.

Lots of stand out tracks. Better Than The Last Time is great, love the crackly loop on Lil Poppa Got A Brand New Brand.

Great pick, @Jamos . When you posted it last Wednesday I was really putting off playing it, but very glad I gave it several listens.

Interesting piece on Young Bleed here…


better that the last time was one I was specifically thinking of when I was talking about the guest features above - it’s more like a max minelli song track feat. young bleed rather than the other way round. it’s still really good and fits into the album well so it’s not a problem, just a bit odd. don’t think I’ve heard max outside of this album, shame really as he’s clearly very good.

I find pen & pixel fascinating too. can imagine them knocking this one up with the tigers, the golden stairway, the mansion and all that, and being like “hmm, something’s missing. I know, what if we put a random fucking seagull over here? yeah, nice one, that’s it, now it’s finished. perfect”


Went back through Bleed’s catalog this week. Man I really slept on My Own. It’s really good! Comes close to his debut. The track w Daz is cool as hell. Give and Take is prob the best one on there tho.

HIs 2011 album was awesome too. Had that ranked really high that year. Holla At Uh Dog still one of my fav songs from that year (and over the last ten years).


have you seen the little noisey feature they did with the owner of pen and pixel? it’s so good, i wish it was two hours longer and had interviews with artists tho. i know people make fun of it but i always thought what they did was so cool, yah tongue n cheek, but still, really smart branding. always felt like there were racist undertones to the negativity in the discourse about it. as a designer, i appreciate how technically bad it all was, broke all the rules of good design, but still managed to be fun and iconic. It wasnt just the artwork, the cases were so different too. would absolutely go to something like this in the states.


oh yeah, they’re deffo tongue in cheek. like that big bear album always pops up on worst cover art ever lists and is roundly mocked, as if everyone involved wasn’t in on the joke to begin with. that noisy vid is good, hadn’t seen it before


did we lose @Antpocalypsenow and @AphexTwinkletoes ?


Hey, sorry since xmas I have been moving house coupled with about three weeks away from said house for a mix of work and vacation. Also I set up the equivalent thread for electronic music.

All of which is to say that I’m struggling to find time for this thread. Will try to catch up!