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Brilliant video. Often wondered what they were up to know. Must be difficult to transition when you have a portfolio of work like theirs!

I’m a designer too. Still would have no idea how to make type like Pen & Pixel did it.


I’ve got really behind and somewhat intimidated by the catch up… I’ma dedicate this afternoon to going through the playlist to get back on track


Really loved that Yaggfu Front one, scratched the same itch that Das EFX do for me :+1:


Woah, VERY into this CYNE one as well


@AphexTwinkletoes @Antpocalypsenow It’s cool! This goes for everyone if you miss some time it’s fine come and go as needed, dont want this to feel like homework or something.

I’m gonna post my next pick in a bit.


sorry this school shooting has my mind in another place. I’ll go for it tomorrow.


Recap before we start up round 3

Witchdoctor – A S.W.A.T. Healin’ Ritual!
(1998 — Atlanta, Georgia) @theShipment

Jean Grae - This Week
(2004 – Brooklyn, New York) @AphexTwinkletoes

Count Bass D – Dwight Spitz
(2002 – Nashville, Tennessee) @CHAIRMAN_LMAO

Lushlife - Cassette City
(2009 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) @Antpocalypsenow

RBL Posse – Ruthless By Law
(1994 – San Francisco, California) @Dan_S

Erick Sermon - Insomnia: The Erick Sermon Compilation Album
(1996 – Brentwood, New York) @nav

Odd Squad - Fadanuf Fa Erybody
(1994 – Houston, Texas) @littlebirds

The Goats- Tricks Of The Shade
(1992 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) @furryfan

Casual - Fear Itself
(1994 – Oakland, California) @Jamos

Gift of Gab — 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up
(2004 – Sacramento, California) @dollarsandcents

Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz — Mobstability
(1998 – Chicago, Illinois) @theShipment

Reflection Eternal(Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) – Train Of Thought
(2000 – Brooklyn, New York) @AphexTwinkletoes

Mic Geronimo - The Natural
(1995 – Queens, New York) @CHAIRMAN_LMAO

Wale - The Mixtape About Nothing
(2008 – Washington DC) @Antpocalypsenow

Yaggfu Front - Action Packed Adventure!
(1994 – North Carolina) @Dan_S

Aceyalone - All Balls Don’t Bounce
(1995 – Los Angeles, Californai) @nav

CYNE - Time Being
(2003 – Gainesville, Florida) @littlebirds

Tommy Wright III - Runnin-N-Gunnin
(1995 – Memphis, Tennessee) @furryfan

Young Bleed - My Balls and My Word
(1998 – Baton Rouge, Lousiana) @Jamos


Pretty nice mix gotta say.


Gonna actually get back on this.
Think Aceyalone has been the highlight for me so far.


we may need to rank these after round 3 to keep this 100% DiS


Playing catch-up here. Young Bleed is my hip-hop equivalent of the ‘food hell’ feature on Saturday Morning Kitchen. Southern rap over a production style which blends that typically treble-heavy vibe (those tinny hi-hats and snare hits…) with the seediness of the West Coast which always leaves me pretty cold. I’m sure it’s a good example of its kind, but it is not for me.


was pretty sure that you were gonna hate it based on what you’ve posted previously in this thread. cannot confirm whether that helped in deciding to choose it :smirk:


-quickly changes this week’s pick-


Yeah, the way other folks here (you, @theShipment, etc) talk about Southern Rap makes me want to keep trying it. That first Witchdoctor album had much ‘richer’ production IIRC and sat a bit better with me. This really feels like it’s inspired by Dre as much as other Southern artists in terms of production - that sine-wave motif in How Ya Do That is pure Dre.
Still bounce off the rapping style as well, but maybe that’s just an acquired taste. Did you lot like souuthern rappers from the get-go or did it take time?


The Conscious Daughters – Ear to the Street

1993. Bay area classic for me. two singles Fonky Expedition and We Roll Deep were both awesome but every song is good. I’ll speak more to it as we go. Produced by Paris. Another video for Shitty Situation

RIP Special One.


hmm, I know it’s unhelpful but I think “it depends” is kind of my answer here. outkast were my gateway into it I guess and I liked them as soon as I heard them but other stuff took time - couldn’t get on board with wayne or juvenile right away for example (although with wayne it was probs mostly because of his voice). but then I liked mystikal immediately so I dunno, there’s no real logic to it.

the south gets lumped together for conveniences sake but there’s definite differences between the various regions and scenes, so I wouldn’t let not liking that bleed album put you off investigating further. if you liked that witchdoctor album then maybe check out goodie mob and the pre r.a.p. music killer mike albums if you haven’t already. and scarface of course, not because he sounds like dungeon fam stuff but because he’s the best and everyone should listen to him


These ladies maybe showed up on one of the Paris albums? Otherwise this is the first I’ve heard of them. The singles are v enjoyable :slight_smile:

Finally back from my holiday and looking to catch up and get plenty of time with this week’s pick too


these are new to me but I like all three tracks you’ve linked there so looking forward to the rest of the album.

paris would be a good one for someone to pick. not so much as thought about him in forever but he had some great jams


Love Killer Mike with El-P. Never thought to investigate his earlier (presumably more traditionally ‘southern’) output buy clearly I should do so.

I listen to Scarface once a year to see if his mega-classic (can’t remember the name, can’t be arsed to google) has grown on me. It never does :confused:


yup, they were on guerilla funk. paris sounds great on showdown here, even if that beat is a 95% rip off of f w dre day