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The Fix? Maybe try Dear Diary? We’ve got to get to the bottom of why some of you brits have a hard time with trad southern rap.


Yeah it’s The Fix. Hadn’t mentally clocked it as southern but on reflection it’s that same style of delivery which puts me off. Think we discussed it a bit upthread but the manner in which he is off the beat really grates for me.


Scarface raps about as on beat as you can get!


You need to try out, say, Silk The Shocker or Chief Keef lol.


Gah maybe I’m mis-remembering and conflating with my general southern rap complaints.


excited to give this a whirl. Really enjoyed Tommy Wright III and Young Bleed. Thread is always worthwhile. Glad Acey was a highlight for aphex. Still trying to suss out which round will be appropriate for me to post up Sicko Mobb Super Saiyan Vol. 2


ha, the fix was gonna be the one I was going to suggest just because the kanye production might make it more palatable. deffo second shippers’ the diary recommendation though, it’s a top ten rap album for me (maybe. probably.)


Alright, cheers gang. Will add to my to-do list.


Conscious Daughters alb is basically like 9 tracks + a short freestyle. Spotify has a bunch of remixes tacked on.


I thought Scarface was the rapper all east coast boom-bap die hards liked? His classic is the The World Is Yours IMO.


I really thought I was going to like him going in tbh. Was quite the disappointment.


As we’ve discussed before, I think it’s a mixture of car culture and the weather. UK cities are closer in that respect to New York - cold, rain, nobody has a car. We like dark headphone albums for the train, the bus, or just walking about in our dreary environs. Or did in the 90s anyway. Different now with this new fangled internet thing all the kids are using.


he’s got a handful of classics imo, incridible run of great albums in the 90s and up through the fix. made and emiritus are really solid too.


@AphexTwinkletoes ima start a gofundme to get you a car with a good system in it.


this is deffo part of it, but how come west coast stuff took off then do you think?


My theory has a couple of holes in it that I’m still thinking about.


But then again, did it really take off here? Outside of a few artists? And even some of those sounded like they were from the east, production-wise - Hiero, Ice Cube and the Bomb Squad, Cypress Hill… Sample based, a harder sound. I dunno - I’m very much speaking from my generation and the bubble I existed (still exist?) in.


regulate was massive when I was a kid and I can remember seeing snoop doing snoops upside your head on totp, but you might be right that the scene itself didn’t take off, more that a select few artists broke through. doubt anyone from the south got any mainstream coverage here until what, outkast with ms jackson maybe?


Well if this maintains the standard from the first track this is going to be a big fave for me. That driving bassline, fucking great stuff.


Really think there’s a lot in this. For me hip-hop is really transportive, you can actually hear the locations way more than in any other genre of music and it feels weirdly incongruous to be listening to something that so vividly evokes sun and palm trees and low-riders when it’s drizzling and cold and grey. I find bay-area/west-coast stuff scratches a really specific itch for me but it’s one that I rarely feel needs scratching.