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yeah it’s very west coast sounding, production is def a little more LA leaning than oakland tho.

hard to explain how big Fonky Expedition was in the bay. song was a staple on local radio for years, still get’s play. i was kinda saddened by nipsey and yg jacking the beat wholesale for FDT and not improving on it. thought the song was kinda lazy and should’ve been better and… angrier.


Just been flicking through The Fix. Yeah you’re right, he’s militantly on beat to the point it sounds like he laid it down without ever listening to the samples. Really interesting contrast between him and Nas on In Between Us where Nas is obviously closer to the beat than your trad southern rapper but there’s a ‘swing’ (for lack of a better term) to the delivery which makes it sound like he’s dancing over the rest of the music. On the surface their flow is not too dissimilar yet Nas is waaaaaayyyy more pleasing to my ears.


^ Episode 37 in Aphex doesn’t really like hip-hop that much


idk man. scarface’s presence on any track demands attention from me. Maybe you dont like southern accents? What did you think of the the Tommy Wright?


That’s next on my catch-up list. I listened to The White Sheet on The Diary and that was much more to my tastes.

Was reflecting on the south. Never really gotten on with Outkast but I adore Sir Lucious Left Foot. Not sure why that one clicks.


just as I feel we’re close to cracking one mystery you drop another one on us :smiley:

determined to get to the bottom of this


Yo that’s crazy! I like SLLF but it was well past their creative peak. Maybe try their debut again?


ffs twinkle toes.


i’m sorry my hip-hop besties who just want to educate my Uk ass on southern rap


lmao f u making me click all those :fu:t3:


really solid set- super pick. production is def a little more LA leaning than oakland tho. sloppy g-funk is really doing it for me now- have overdone it on the boom bap down the years.




We may need to hold an mandatory emergency Outkast listening session.



I adore Sir Lucious Left Foot


can’t describe and don’t know what the sound is on ‘still pimpin’ that reminds me of big boi/ Gucci ‘shine blockas’. love it.

i’m hopeful, but @AphexTwinkletoes is a rebel who plays by his own set of rules, so who knows


Enjoyed the first few tracks of The Conscious Daughters but haven’t delved deep yet. Only exposure I’ve had to Bay Area is Lil B who I guess isn’t really representative of the scene in the 90s…


I’d recommend giving Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik a spin. Definitely the first Southern rap album I really warmed to, along with Urban Legend.

This is another one that absolutely needs ot be bumped in headphones / a car. Their delivery is probably, for argument’s sake, closer to Aceyalone than Scarface


Ooft, We Roll Deep is a jam :ok_hand:


Depending what day you ask me, I reckon 60% of the time I’d say it’s my favourite Outkast record. Front to back classic.


It’s my favourite Outkast record 24/7, one of my rap desert islands discs for sure


It’s a testament to their back-catalogue that there are times when I prefer some of their others tbh.