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it is @AphexTwinkletoes turn next, maybe we should interrupt our regularly scheduled program and shoehorn in outkast’s debut as an emergency lifeline measure? We don’t want to get too off topic this week and turn this into an outkast rec thread but I fear we might lose the twinkler if we dont intervene. idk


when that warm ass beat drops in >>


To get it back on topic I really loved the Conscious Daughters record but it did peak with that first track for me. That speaks more about how much I loved that track than anything negative about the rest of the album though. The quality of rapping throughout was mega and I loved the one about not wanting to clean the house, was a fun inversion of the sexism of the time. That first track will be one I return to a lot though, that driving baseline really did it for me.


That descending bass-line reminds me a lot of the rebirth of slick


I had it in mind for one of my next rounds so fully in favour of a Southernplaylistic intermission to the thread, it’ll let me pick something else, bless Aphex’s ears, and make sure everyone else is au fait too


enjoyed this weeks pick, that g fuck whistley synth makes it sound more LA than bay but paris does a real nice job with the production regardless. his albums always had a cool prominent bass sound iirc and that’s continued here. agree with ant that it peaks with the first track but there’s a few others here that are really good too. maybe a bit front loaded but that’s not really a problem on an album this brief. liked it a lot.


interesting that yall are feeling the first track so much.


love how they attack that one. the bassline is great, as is the bit where it switches to just drums.


OutKast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik




gonna be fun to really go deep on this one/take a fresh look at it


You better speak on that conscious daughters before you re-listen to this… :wink:


Nice. Will give me time to give Conscious Daughters a few more listens (got it on now actually).


Yeah I’m getting bad at this. Have listened to all the albums ITT but haven’t given my feedback on them recently. Will try to do a catch up post in the next couple of days before I say a word on an album I’ve listened to hundreds of times :joy:


gonna bless myself with a southerplayalistic / soul food double bill tomorrow I think aka what I should do everyday anyway


I bunged this on the other night in anticipation of this decision… I quite like the production at first blush. I did not like the rapping, BUT I’m gonna give it more time as I think partly my ears simply aren’t accustomed to that kinda flow.


Think @CHAIRMAN_LMAO might be onto something with the UK weather aspect of listening to southern hip hop. Huddled in the kitchen with this on shivering while snow falls outside - it’s quite incongruous.

The flow is still so jarring to my ears - I really dislike that triplet syllable thing they do. Call of da Wild is a massive beat though.

Edit: recognising it as a triplet and realising that’s something I don’t like is fascinating to me. I love this thread even when I don’t love the music.


the sleigh bells on player’s ball not helping then?


No sir. That track has fuckin’ triplet snares in as well. It’s weird - music in a 6 time signature (6/8 or 6/4) is like a musical erogenous zone for me yet these triplets are more of a cold shower. 6 beats good, 3 beats bad.


this is must read