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i mean i’m temp banned from posting anything about this record but i think for a lot of people (who didn’t jump on board back in '94) myself included, it’s the last of their classics that they get into. it’s easier to be dazzled by the musical scope of Aquemini, the balls out pop future funk of Stankonia or the hazy sci-fi outsider atmosphere of ATLiens. it’s maybe only when i knew what i was looking for, partly in context of southern rap up to that point, that i could see what an envelope pushing and truly accomplished album their debut is.

it’s not necessarily the starting point i’d go for with outkast, particularly for someone who enjoys Sir Lucious Left Foot, but it’s best suited to this thread as it’s the most often overlooked of their classics.


These voices in my head they just keep calling me

Wait nah it’s just TheShipment telling me to finally get involved…

Firstly, sorry for taking so long to get in here. Kinda fell behind early days and then when you miss a couple of weeks this thing can get daunting (in a good way, but still…). A lot of users in here with incredible hip-hop knowledge and, frankly, in the decade or so I’ve been on rap, much of what i’ve gleaned has been from these boards. It got to the point where i wondered what exactly I could add.

Anyway, I’ve listened to a few of the releases so far and will try and post a thoughts on them soon. Favourites so far are Witchdoctor, Tommy Wright III and Aceyelone. I feel like I’m gonna struggle to find something you guys haven’t heard before, so really looking towards personal classics or albums I’ve not considered for a while when it gets to my pick.

This is a hell of a week to start though… Southerplaya / Outkast in general have been such a major part of my life since I was, 13 (?), that it’s hard to be objective. I started writing a thing yesterday before realising that 80% of the time i’ve listened to this album I’ve been high (but not too high), so thought I would do the same thing tonight and share some thoughts:

  • “Aint no thang but a chicken wing”… what an utterly pointless but simultaneously perfect rap line. This has stayed in my head every time i walk into a chicken shop since I was a yout. Damn. The start of a series of hooks that just stick in your head on this release.
  • Andre laughing at the end of verse 2 on Ain’t No Thang really sums up what’s great about this album. Along with Soul Food, it’s one of the releases where The Dungeon feels like a key player.
  • As Aphex has mentioned, the Call on the Wild beat. Damn! ORGANISED NOIZE <3
  • Sleepy Brown is maybe the most underrated guy on this release. Swear he isn’t credited anywhere but he’s hitting backing vocals on like two thirds of these.
  • imo Andre’s progression from this release to ATLliens and Aquemini is the most prominent. He’s great here, don’t get me wrong, but he really comes into his own on the next release. Think Big Boi is way ahead of him on this.
  • I had a a free house when I recently replayed that 200 minute long Clinton-esque guitar solo at the end of Funky Ride. Of corse he turns up at 5pm.

Might be next weekend but things will change eventually.

  • Cee-Lo’s opening verse on Git Up is probably the best on the album.
  • Players Ball reprise is a legit perfect album closer. Keys that Mike Dean would be proud of.

Anyway, what a fucking album. I love Outkast to unhealthy levels, and this still sits behind Aquemini and probably ATLiens, but the fact they wrote this as god damn teenagers makes me feel all kinda inadequate.


Yeah buddy! welcome the fold. good stuff. we’ll slot you in after @CHAIRMAN_LMAO’s next pick.


Hahaha Christ what the hell happened here? Don’t even know what I was attempting to say it’s that mangled


agree with that. even by soul food the next year you can tell andre has come a long way.


worth remembering that they’re only 17/18 when they’re making this and they’re coming up with stuff as mature sounding as crumblin’ erb and git up git out. incredible really


Sounds a bit ‘yer da’ but hard to cut the likes Lil Yachty slack when you remember this, and the fact Mobb Deep were a similar age when they made The Infamous.


Great video. They are so young!


had in my head that outkast and biggie did a tour together at some point, but a search suggests I’m muddled. anyone heard of it? I might have just got confused with the name big boi


never heard that BUT Puff directed that Player’s Ball video that’s been posted above so it’s not impossible the spheres overlapped


still think it might be true, some pre-internet things are hard to verify that are relatively large compared to everything being logged now.


ha, thought there was more to it than this (still might have been), but here’s something and linked to what you said…

Combs had received a copy of the single from LaFace founder L.A. Reid and invited OutKast to New York to perform as an opening act for The Notorious B.I.G.[34]


This article by Jeff Weiss (which is a great read) mentions them opening for Biggie. Sometime before the '95 Source awards where they were heckled.


this is more varied than I remember, like lb said maybe it’s hearing the razzle dazzle of later albums first. that slowed down new jack swing of call of the wild, sleepy brown’s spot on Curtis mayfieldism on player’s ball and shimmery 70’s Curtis sounds, funky ride’s like a ‘i’d rather be with you’/ ‘I thought it was you’ hybrid.


yes! think that might be where I read it initially


there must have been some insane tours from around that time, such a shame that it’s all pre-internet. I remember reading about when Public Enemy were supported by Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School, Geto Boys and Queen Latifah.

There used to be a video on youtube of a 1992 yo! mtv raps summer concert and the line-up for that was pretty ridiculous too, can’t find it for the life of me


Enjoying The Conscious Daughters album a lot. They completely passed me by at the time. Love both of their flows. I really like that quite aggressive style that a few female rappers had at the time. TCD In Da Front the one I keep rewinding - maybe because it’s so short. Dope track though.

Also nice to give Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik another listen as it’s been a few years. Would always give this as my favourite Outkast album, but I think it’s been overtaken by ATLiens. Starts to lose steam at the end - after Claimin’ True I find I’m skipping skits and Funky Ride and it sort of ruins the flow of the album.

I think Players Ball was the first CD single I ever bought.


So, I was dead set on picking Four Horsemen by Ultramagnetic MCs for my next pick, what with the new Dr Octagon album dropping soon and some Kool Keith chat in this thread.

But I gave it another listen and… I just don’t think it holds up all that well. Ced Gee is a chore to listen to, some of production sounds a touch dated and it just didn’t really hold my interest all the way through. But having said that, one thing that has kept this album in some form of rotation for me over the years is Godfather Don. He’s credited with the production on four tracks on Four Horsemen, and also raps on the best cut - Raise It Up.

His style gels really well with Kool Keith, and they obviously hit it off as this album was the first of a few collaborations between the pair. During the Four Horsemen recording sessions, Keith came up with the Rhythm X alter-ego and they created a handful of tracks for Keith solo album that never happened but did form the basis of my choice…



Originally put out as an EP as Fondle Em’s first ever release, this version is the expanded CD that came out a few years later. It’s not on Spotify so you can download it here…

Whole thing has a very lo-fi aesthetic. Feels very much like an episode of Stretch and Bobbito - madcap humour, low quality mastering, bugged out rapping, Bobbito goofing around on the microphone, Percee P guest spot and it contains one of my favourite (maybe the favourite) Kool Keith tracks ever - Mommy. Apparently the whole thing was done in a week in Kool Keith’s basement “eating grilled cheeses and smashing bugs”. Lots of anti-major label ranting and general weirdness - I do wonder about the influence of those early Keith and Don sessions and the trajectory he took after that. Would Dr Octagon have happened etc.

Anyway, have a listen. Or if you already know it, drop some thoughts on it or general Kool Keith chat.


Awesome, never heard!


36m 34s. Kool Keith on Art of Rap talking about beef. “I’m like the Russian government. I have a record ready… prepared… for everybody”