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Love me a ten track album. Feels right. Love how lo fi this sounds, not sure why they did like this but whatever, it works, adds to the weirdness.

Keith’s verse on Kick A Dope Verse is perfection:

maybe one night, look through your peephole PEEKABOO

lol@ bobbitos verse on that tho. So basic in comparison.


Something weird w Percee P whenever I hear him rap I’m like DAMN this dude is crazy good w that rapid fire alliteration style but then I try a whole song by him I get bored. He’s such a good feature artist to bring in for 16-32 bars on a track for a change of pace/sound but he just never ventured beyond that.


Kick a Dope Verse remix is awesome, would fit perfectly on doc octo album.


Been bumping the Conscious Daughters, enjoy the record a lot. Thought Paris might shift em some low grade beats but the production surprised me, pretty top notch throughout. Probably aged better than some other low key west coast gangsta rap releases cos the ladies bring a little bit of a fresh angle to the obvs typically narrow subject matter of the genre. They’re pretty tight too. Be one I’m throwing on when I get a west coast itch for a minute


I was surprised how well this alb aged. Been listening to it a lot lately. That eerie theremin sound hovering around on TCD In Da Front + when those piano stabs come in >>


yes chairman, hadn’t heard. ‘rhymes I sniff…’ is the one here for me, that reverb ain’t quittin. mcing is suitably wild


Yeah, agreed. I read about him being notorious for hanging around outside Fat Beats selling his CDr and was quite disappointed not to see him when I first visited New York. Ended up getting a copy off Sandbox and I can’t remember the last time I played it.


Love the intro to that.

“Oh… Tennessee? I got something for ya’, kid”


these skits and spoken word bits are hilarious


love this very much.


Glad a few people are feeling it!

For those that haven’t checked it,
I want to talk it out, I want to reason with you
I want to get the deal, I want to show girls that I love them
I want to hold them tight
Mommy? Where are you mommy? MOMMY?!? Mommy?


I love Godfather Don but haven’t gone deeper than the Properties of Steel collection and a few Tribe rarities - really looking forward to this one and getting caught up on Ship’s pick too


All about his 12s so that and The Nineties Sessions probably contain his best stuff imo.


really like the beat on mommy, kick a dope verse is good too. never really listened to that much keith beyond the first ultra mags and doc ock albums, think I might actually prefer this to the latter :open_mouth:

what happened to godfather don anyway


He’s still knocking around I think, but makes jazz music now. He released Donnie Brasco a few years back, but it wasn’t very good.


that’s a shame, he was great

love this one


Yeah, love that track. Love that whole album.


Sorry for not getting my thoughts on the Cenobites in sooner, have been on holiday until earlier today. Great pick though! Not listened to much Kool Keith bar a few Ultramagnetic MCs tracks. Agree that the skits are great; genuinely funny and seem like they serve a purpose.

Really like how the production and rapping flits between different styles of underground NY rap. There’s the more jazzy stuff like Lex Luger and Mommy which could easily be Prince Paul / DJ Prem productions, then you can kinda hear Boogie Down Productions / Wu Tang in stuff like How The Fuck You Get A Deal. Rhymes I Sniff even has a Gravediggerz horrorcore thing going on? Maybe I’m reaching with some of these.

I know some of those guys mentioned got big after this album was released, but I feel like you can feel the stuff this has influenced as much as the stuff it’s been influenced by, if that makes sense. That’s definitely one of my favourite things about discovering rap from this era.

Anyway it’s technically time for my pick in 8 minutes but wanted to get this in first… I’ll post it up in the morning.