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Feel like it would be rude not to post some DJ Screw. Here’s his remix of Fondren & Main:

Can’t vouch for the credibility of DownloadThisTrack dot com


Hi guys

Really sorry for lack of posts. Have had an interesting few weeks tbh, highlights including being escorted from the premises of my place of employment, and my wife having heart surgery. Everything is pretty much resolved now though, so ready to get right back into it.

Just wanted to apologise also because there was some great discussion on my last pick, and I haven’t contributed for a long time. Gutted to miss the chat on Tommy Wright and Young Bleed in particular, but am going to try and say a little bit about each of the records I missed. If anyone wants to add anything, or is playing catch up too, awesome.


Glad your back, sounds like a rough stretch there. Hopefully things stay settled for you and the fam. Don’t feel bad and no need to apologize! Just chime in however much you want whenever you can. Always good to have your insight and commentary.


Like a few others, had never heard of Cyne prior to @littlebirds’ post. Liked this a lot though. Amazed that these guys are from Florida. On a blind test I would have put the house on them being from the East Coast.

Like the production a lot. Usually for straight up boom bap records like this, I like the production to be a bit more grimy, but the pristine beats on this work well. As furry says, producer leans a lot on the koto (beat on Papermate in particular), which always reminds me of this, and that is never, ever a bad thing.

Rapping is solid throughout (kind of a Dilated Peoples vibe to the delivery) and works well with the beats. Overall, pretty great record and one I never would have checked otherwise. Cheers lb


Love Tommy Wright III so much. Am actually going to choose another Memphis tape from this period for my next pick, and planning to discuss Tommy as part of that too. In the meantime would just say that this is an absolute classic, and Tommy Wright is a genius


J Zone always has good thoughts on rap, love this little thread (he mentions Kool Keith in the last one):


Can confirm this has not converted me :frowning:


Is that Tim Dog as a (kind of) member of Ultramagnetic or has he just gone completely off the deep end there?


yeah Tim Dog was the Capadonna of the Ultramagnetic MCs. J-zone is always on about Penicillin on Wax which is worthy of way more praise than it gets.


I did revisit Penicillin on Wax on (I think) the strength of a J-Zone article a few years back. Was a bit of a slog, but Step to Me and Fuck Compton are still great. Not on that album, but I Get Wrecked with KRS was a massive track for us growing up.

Didn’t he fake his own death recently?? Crazy fucker.


Oh. He actually did die. Shit. RIP Tim Dog.


Yeah that album isnt the masterpiece he claims but it’s a good time, fun to hear him diss everyone. The fake/notfake death was very strange but a fitting end tbf.


Yah sure, but his favourite rap album ever? Bold claim


he backs it up i think. he’s fun to read imo


So on to Young Bleed, which is another personal classic. Was also on my shortlist for albums to pick for this thread. Superb shout, @Jamos.

Remember almost going out of my way to check a lot of No Limit (and Cash Money) stuff around 1997-98 (and there was a lot of it to check), partly because I felt I was previously a bit slow on the uptake with Southern rap, but mainly because a lot of the real rap hardos were so dismissive of it. That I love a lot of the early No Limit stuff (and this album in particular) has absolutely nothing to do with contraryism though. These albums are nearly all front to back great, and hold up better than a lot of the backpacker type stuff that was big with the purists around the same time.

Could bang on and on about this album, so pretty gutted to miss the boat on the discussion and talk about it with everyone else (would have enjoyed a wider discussion about No Limit / Pen and Pixel too) but the main thing I still love about it on re-listening is how everything about this album sounds so effortless. From the minimalist production through to Bleed’s ultra laid back style. But, after a while, the smaller details start to shine through, and if you’re even half way paying attention, you start to realise that this is one of the coolest records ever made. Young Bleed must also be one of the most underrated rappers going. Would also add that this record pretty much reinvented the banjo for me, and if there’s a better soundtrack to getting high as fuck, I’m yet to hear it. @AphexTwinkletoes, you HAVE to give this some more burns. If you’re still struggling, I’ll be round your house with the ice bong (if I can find it in the attic, where I think it’s been sat for the last 10-15 years…)


One last hurrah from the Maab, from one of their later tapes. Looking forward to next pick!


effortless is a good word for it, love how smooth he is.

was fairly sure ATT was gonna hate it when I picked it tbh, although I’m now sort of determined to find a southern album that he can get into,


Got it back on again

I can’t emphasise how much I dislike the delivery on this first track. Finish the end of each word for ffs! It’s like he’s rapping on an in-breath the entire time


I would also chuck that incessant loud tinny hi-hat (which I really associate with the South) on Bring The Noise straight in Room 101.


I’m struggling with Guerilla Maab, lads. Thought it’d be on a more gutter tip, but that it’s definitely not. Too much signing. Gave it another spin this morning and did I imagine a repurposed Phil Collins hook? Can’t find it now.