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Rememebr when we tried to do a Masta Ace appreciation thread?


:smiley: worth a try I guess. Sadly now has the relative bum note of MA_DOOM in his discography. Otherwise it’s pretty flawless


Nice choice on this Jean Grae alb. Havent listened in over ten years at least. I had Going Crazy on a fair share of mix CDs that i made around that time. Still have some deep love for that song.

I appreciate the funk of Give It Up. Style Wars sounded incredible in my car, maybe a little out of place on the album, it’s a tough track, i like it. The Wall sounds like a Dr Dre track?

Supa Luv is almost unlistenable, so harsh sounding, one of 9ths more annoying beats imo. Could just be the sound, samples were left way to loud in the mix. Too repetitive, too. It’s basically an Apollo Brown track, who’s a 9th Wonder sockpuppet anyway. Let the beat breathe a bit bud. Too bad cos its one of her more catchy tunes, good hook. Dont Rush Me is a much better 9th track on here but it’s pretty low key.

Kinda interesting to hear something like Whatever which is m/l the blueprint for that repressed (or no) drum sound of the nu new york boombappers Roc Marci/Ka/westside gunn/conway etc.


Actually, forgot he had another kinda mediocre album out last year


yeah he ruined our thread with his post 2012 work (havent heard it)


Neither record are bad per second and every vet should be allowed to rest on their laurels at some point. Was already fairly incredible that he was still making relevant music 15 years ago


*per se


‘don’t rush me’ is the one on here. that’s a repeating odb vocal sample, right? that “aaaaargh”.
“get your hand off me, man/ don’t rush me/ you stupid? i’ll cut you” ahhaaaa, amazing.
sure I bought this album from a recommend from hip-hop connection. great magazine.


Bit of a trip down memory lane for me as well, but a bit further down given that I’m really, really old. Never actually listened to any Jean Grae solo stuff, but used to love her when she was a part of Natural Resource (she was called What? What? then). This tune kills and she’s the best thing on it - she was only 18 at the time too. Think I wore out about 6 copies of this 12" trying to copy a routine I heard DJ Premier do with it on Stretch and Bobbito.

Listening to This Week when I get home tonight. Don’t know why I haven’t checked any of her stuff before really - she’s a great emcee…


Did not know about the new Rapsody until this point, so thanks! Super pumped now, Crown was one of the best albums of last year.

New tracks sound good too! :heart_eyes:


I think this album could have benefited greatly from some features. She doesnt quite have the charisma to carry a full length.


think it’s all cut up from this


can’t recognise the bit i’m on about from that


I hear what your hearing, sounds like odb -oh baby i like it raaaaaaaaaaaw- but im not so sure.


I’ve always enjoyed tracks with Jean Grae - but don’t think she’s ever produced a great album. Great to see this pop up though! She’s no doubt a talented emcee. I used to listen to a lot of The Herbaliser back in my Uni days and she featured on a number of tracks under her moniker What? What? I think that’s how she was originally on my radar and thought she’s put out a classic at some point.

I’m going to throw this on! Nostalgia ride.


the more I think about it, it fits conceptually too- taking that hypermasculine line and castrating the ‘r’ from ‘raw’, flipping it to an angry “aargh” on a… feminist? song.

might have been listening to too much ‘dissect’ podcast you all heard? incredible analysis.


I must have missed that Masta Ace thread. My posting here was sporadic back then. I always feel a bit sad when I see guys like him doing tracks with mediocre boom bap producers in Europe who can afford a guest verse. I saw an Instagram post a while back of him filming a video on the Northern Line at High Barnet.


I’m on my third spin of this. Overall, I’m into it. I don’t seem to listen to enough female rappers so it’s nice to have something to add to my rotation.

Agree that it could maybe do with a few more guest spots, and the mix of producers means it’s maybe not as cohesive as Jeanius, which is the only album of hers that I really listened to regularly. Had high hopes for Attack… as I thought her rapping would be a good fit for a contrasting darker sound but the producers didn’t really deliver on what I thought they might. I like 9th Wonder and all, but Jean over some dusty Beatminerz production…


Can’t find a copy of this to save my life. Seems to have disappeared into the ether…

I remember when we did that thread on old DiS listing our fave 10 hip-hop albums and no-one’s lists contained any female rappers. Think @theShipment eventually produced a great list. Anyway, made it my mission to try and be more conscious about seeking out female rappers. Was torn between this and Rapsody’s debut for my listening club choice, but figured I’d probably be raving about the new Rapsody album on Friday anyway.


my bad if you meant physicals…


Physical or paid-download. But this is a good start, thanks!