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I just did a list didn’t I?? Shit. Sorry @theShipment:roll_eyes:


wow, thanks so much dan, you’ve gone way above and beyond, there. look forward to digging in.

get the feeling shipment won’t mind, you spoke about most of the artists on the list, so i’m sure it’s fine.

think it was spoken about upthread, maybe it was chairman brought up 3 six mafia clashing with other Memphis artists. tommy wright worked with dj paul in the early 90s and there’s sketchy audio of paul slagging him off later.


Not me. I was pretty blinkered. The only Memphis stuff I heard back in the 90s was the stuff that trickled into the relative ‘mainstream’ - 3 Six Mafia, 8Ball & MJG etc. But I think I would have been really into it. Sounds like Dan had a great connect for tapes!

I really regret never getting on the ‘Connections’ in HHC for that kind of thing!


“Likes football, hip-hop and checkin’ out cold dope lyrics”
Pretty much still me at 40.


ha, no prob. the chance of any of these being picked are pretty slim, outside of the triple 6 stuff. good post! memphis didnt really seems to get it’s due (outside of the acts that chairman mentioned) til after the fact. i was more keen to the houston and atlanta sounds back then.


might get back into DJ-ing just to steal the name ’ DJ Wee Peebles’


So I really enjoyed Tommy Wright III and I also love Blackout. This kind of deep and eerie underworld production is right up my alley. It’s also good to get a better understanding of what Lil Ugly Mane started out as a pastiche of. I don’t care about the lo-fi sonics at all because I respect their DIY craftsmanship, maybe the most genuinely punk rap has ever been. Bass still punches in my car and that’s all I care about.

If anyone who likes this isn’t familiar with LUM he does a pretty good job of carrying this torch in higher fidelity


Been digging back through everything on my commute over the past ten days and here are some thoughts:

Guerrilla Maab
Dug this. Completely new to me. Love that warm, slick production. Faves are Keep Watching Me, Still Here, Jealous Guys and Fondren & Main. Not a great album per se, there’s a few I found myself skipping after a few plays. Was going to say the delivery reminds me of Pac at times and then realised it had already been said. Definitely going to be dipping back in. It’s begging to be played loud in my car in the summer, was a little bit more surreal soundtracking my 5am drives in the snow

Kool Keith / Godfather Don
was really up for this as I’ve always felt like Godfather Don is one of my least favourite favourite rappers, and what I mean by this is that I really rate him (love the Properties of Steel collection) but always felt like either he doesn’t have the body of work to really make a full account of him, or just that I hadn’t dug deep enough. Anyway had a great time with this, weird enough to not just fit in with all of the other dusty boom-bap from that era that i’ve binged. Think Don was underrated in the 90s. Kool Keith keeps things weird (battered baby seal remix?) This might be my favourite pick from the thread so far.

All I can really say about Southernplayalistic is that I love it so much I have two copies - a cassette for my first car and a CD for the house. It’s my favourite OutKast record and probably one of my all-time favourite rap records. Up there with a very limited canon of classics I heard in my teens that still give me a feeling I haven’t been able to exhaust through so many plays. I’d tell you some of the others but it might contain thread spoilers.

Conscious Daughters
Thought this was really solid. Every song slaps. Favourites are TCD In Da Front, Da Mac Flow (beat on this is fucking fire. If I had a time machine and a million dollars I’d go back to 1993 and pay for a posse remix of this with Def Squad) and We Roll Deep.


mc name! duo with @nav as


Yeah me too - particularly Houston. I didn’t see the Memphis stuff as anything other than basically a self contained anomaly at the time. I played Memphis tapes to people in the UK when I got back, and although all of my housemates loved them, a lot of other people would get about 30 seconds in and basically be “turn this shit off”. If anyone told me at the time how influential this stuff would be, I’d have told them they were out of their mind.


Yeah - LUM and Spaceghostpurrp are the main guys, but I think you can hear the Memphis influence on quite a bit of 2010s era hip-hop (not that I’m really any sort of authority). I like both of those guys a lot - LUM in particular, but Spaceghost too (I even thought Mysterious Phonk was great, but seem to be in a fairly small minority).

Totally agree on the ‘punk’ aspect too. I think that’s one of the main reasons I have a really strong affinity with Memphis rap. Could draw pretty strong parallels with the tape trading days of early black metal and death metal too (particularly with the lyrical content of a lot of Memphis rappers!), except that these guys were all located in one place, instead of being spread all over the world.


this is one of my favourite throwback albums to the southern tape era from recent years / same circles as SGP and LUM. Denzel’s main solo work carves out his own sound but this album is clearly intended as a pure homage, but its a very well done one


I really, really love this. Not listened to much Memphis stuff outside of Three 6 so the chance of me finding this (and Tommy Wright) outside of this thread were slim. Thanks to you and furryfan for the introductions!

The production is incredible. Really dark but then loads of songs have those twinkly, high-pitched synths. It’s like twisted G-funk or something. The drums sound great too. Think there was discussion on the Tommy tape (before I was involved in the thread) about how “current” this stuff sounds and how the style has been picked up by a lot of electronic producers. Get the same vibe from this that I do from some darker electronic producers; perfect music for cruising around a city at night basically.

Think No Witnesses is my early favourite. Completely hypnotic production and a great hook.


Ha yeah that’s Speak On It. Definitely the most embarrassing song on the album, they really whiffed on that one. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it though. There is quite a lot of singing / r&b hooks so if that isn’t your thing then I can see it would be a struggle. It’s a world away from this week’s pick for sure.


as well as all the other forward things we’ve spoken about Memphis, on this blackout tape, the vocal sample chopping sounds so abrupt, like how it’s done in juke


Yeah, great shout on the juke comparison. The vocal chopping on Murda Mix is especially mad. Swear there’s not even a verse on like 4 of these tracks. There’s gonna be a killin’ after midnight


Have only really been able to listen to music I’ve downloaded on Spotify the past few of weeks so have missed out on the past couple of albums, but plan on catching up asap, both seem like interesting picks, both new to me


Really enjoying Blackout. Kind of thing I can put on my headphones and zone out to. Will have a little delve into Dan’s list later this week.


I went through this release a couple times so far. I’m not sure if I havent been in the mood or what but I havent really been able to find a way in to really enjoy it. It ends up kinda going on in the background for me, less immersive than other lo-fi memphis tapes that ive heard. some of this tape sounds a lot like a lofi version of the Bone debut to me.

I can hear the skeleton of a really great song in Body Bagz but im just itching for a cleanly produced version of it, the horns, the vibrato effect, etc. there’s layers there. i realize the double standard of this after my post above about cutting these tapes up in basements but if i compare this to say, the tommy tape, it seems to be lacking a little spark(le)? tommy tape is full of hooks and different production elements to draw you back. where this seems like just non stop monotone sinister beats/delivery deeply buried in mud. obv this can be to its advantage but for me, on this week, i just wasnt in the mood for it. so i will revisit down the road and see if i can find another way in.

nice pic regardless, i wouldve probably never heard this otherwise.


just to let you know this exists…