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Haha - yes! I remember this! Never actually listened to it though. Did you? ODB doing Sussido IIRC.


oh my, going through this on youtube right now. sounds like it might be right up my alley haaaa


lil kim doing in the air tonite!? yessss.


Hey man - glad you dig it. I did think this week was either going to go one way or the other, but happy that it seems to be mostly positive so far. I love introducing people to Memphis stuff - has an added nostalgia kick for me as well!

It’s definitely the production that makes this stuff for me as well. While I like a lot of the lo-fi rapping, and the horrorcore lyrics compliment the eerie sounding beats really well, I do find that, with a few exceptions (Tommy Wright and Skinny Pimp being good examples) I tend to zone the rappers out a bit and focus more on the atmosphere the production creates. “Twisted G-Funk” might be the best description of it I’ve heard, too


Yeah, I can totally see this criticism. The production is somewhat repetitive, but for me just adds to the density of the atmosphere it creates. Could totally see how this could be monotonous for others though (and it’s certainly not the first time I’ve heard people say this). Still bracing myself for @AphexTwinkletoes’s reaction as well!

One other tape that I forgot to mention up there is Lil Noid’s Paranoid Funk. It’s another front to back Blackout production, but it’s more varied than Dreamworld and Lil Noid is really great on it too. Might give you more of that sparkle! Would recommend this one to @CHAIRMAN_LMAO if you’re thinking about piling through a bunch of tapes, too.

Oh, and also @CHAIRMAN_LMAO, massively recommend that you listen to DJ Sound’s Volume 10 tape. Think it will be right up your street…


Ha! Not had a chance yet but gonna sort it for my journey back from San Francisco tomorrow.


“If MOP isn’t hardcore enough for you, then this tape is for you.”



Various Artists (but mainly Redman & Method Man - How High OST

Gone for something of a daft choice but this was legitimately a very formative hip hop album for me. It’s made up mainly from existing Red & Meth tracks (that I was unaware of at the time) but with some exclusive shit and a handful of classics from other artists. It sounds stupid now but N2 Gether Now was huge for me back in the day (and I still have a lot of affection for it and think it’s a legit good Premo beat) but yeah, I fucking loved this album as a 15 year old idiot and hopefully it’ll be fun revisiting it.

Fun fact: the film How High was directed by Bob Dylan’s son…


Whoops, forgot a link:


Ha! Where’s that quote from??


The 'blog I dug this tape out from…


preferred this to tommy wright, think it being a third of the length helped. quite like body bagz and some of the stuff happening on murda mix (although not the vocal bit that everyone else seems to like, just to be awkward!). overall, not really my bag and probs won’t listen to it again but I didn’t hate it.


Well, this certainly isn’t a daft choice in my books! Meth & Red were very formative for me. In fact, completely formative. I basically got into good rap music when one day I went round to a friend’s house after school and his brother was listening to the song ‘Blackout’. I was blown away, by the beat, by the contrasting delivery of both rappers. The ‘Blackout!’ album was the first album I ever bought for myself, when I was 10 or 11. Before that my knowledge of rap was limited to what snuck onto Top of the Pops or the singles chart so not much beyond Eminem, Nelly, DMX, Dr. Dre & Snoop, etc.

From Blackout I got into the rest of Method Man & Redman’s work including this film / soundtrack, and then from that I got into Wu-Tang / Def Squad / New York rap, and the rest is history.

The same friend’s brother had probably the best 90s underground cassette collection ever too, loads of stuff I’d never hear otherwise like Gravediggaz, Boot Camp, Heltah Skeltah, Erick Sermon, Das EFX, PMD, Ill Biskits, Big L / DITC / Lord Finesse, Smif-n-wessun…

Anyway these two are two of my all time favourite rappers both for nostalgic and genuine reasons. Method Man’s flow at his peak is pretty much my favourite rapper, and the first two Redman LPs are two of my all time favourites.

I love this album too. How High Part 2 with that Toni Braxton sample really takes me back to being about 12 and having my world completely blown open. It’s a great party rap album. Love Cisco Kid. A few classic solo songs from earlier in their careers at the end (always loved ‘How to Roll a Blunt’) Some other classics on there too, obviously the Luda & DMX cuts are legendary. Gotta lol at Meth & Red being down with Limp Bizkit

Anyway might have to eek out my How High DVD in honour of this week’s pick. Obviously a good watch still, and the first Blackout! LP is worthwhile for anyone who enjoys this soundtrack


Aye, I remember standing in my local record shop weighing up either Blackout or the How High OST as a kid back when you had to save up and buy an album and I plumped for How High but would later pick up Blackout and it became a mainstay for me for years. I think Da Rockwilder is probably the first rap track I ever learned all the words to.

I still think there are very few things in any music as fun as Meth and Red trading bars


Yeah I think Cheka is possibly the first rap song I ever memorised. I saw Meth & Red live finally and it was great. Really positive energy and crowd control and a lot more choreography than I was expecting too


actually the first rap song I ever memorised was the Real Slim Shady, which led to me asking my mum what a clitoris is, but that’s another tangent altogether


:smiley: I remember playing the Marshall Mathers LP in the car with my trying-her-best-not-to-appear-mortified Mum, feel dead bad about putting her through that now


This brings back vivid memories of trying to get a copy of Blackout! in HMV and being refused because of the parental advisory sticker. Eventually convinced my Dad to get it for me, stuck it on the CD player in the car, and it starts with this:

think my Dad was like oh fuck, here comes adolescence


ayyyy fun pick. i have this on CD. there are some awesome 90s/early 00s rap soundtracks, we could prob do a whole thread on them tbh. i basically bought this for both versions of how high (still cant pick which i like more between the two) and rolled the dice on the other songs (that I didnt have already) being good. fired this up on the way to work today and was just smiling the whole way, these two have unreal chemistry. I started thinking about other mc pairings (but not duos or already in the same group) that could rival these two and came up with only a few. redman is just himself, whether solo or w meth, but he brings out another side of method man when theyre together. humor in rap can slip into corny territory very easily and redman always found the perfect balance of sounding hard, smart and funny. he’s one of a kind.

i posted ntogether now in the ©rap thread and I do love that song. thought meth’s words on it and how high were kind of eye opening ((you should watch the video) and read that full interview):

N Together Now:

Producer: Limp Bizkit, DJ Premier Album: Significant Other Label: Interscope

Method Man: “I was on MTV’s New Years Rockin’ Eve and Limp Bizkit’s manager was there. We started kicking it and he was like, ‘Fred Durst is a big Wu-Tang fan. Would you be open to doing a song with them?’ I don’t even think Fred knew about it at the time, but his manager was politicking, getting it popping. I commend him for that too, because he stepped up and stepped outside of the box and took the initiative.

“I got in contact with these dudes and chopped it up. Fred had a music background, he loves hip-hop, he loves rock-n-roll, he loves a lot of music. But he knew his hip-hop. I go in and do the record. We thought it would just be maybe a filler on their album, but by the time it was done, I was like, ‘Whoa. This might be a heater.’

“Time passes and the shit was charting. I get a call from Fred asking if I wanted to do a video for the song. I’m like, ‘Sure. I’ll do a video for the song. I’m hearing this shit everywhere.’ It was on black radio too. I’m like, ‘Fuck it. Let’s go.’ We shoot the video and shit and it’s on TRL .

“Next thing you know, I’m going out on tour with Limp Bizkit. That set up me and Redman’s Blackout Tour after that. So it was a beautiful thing. I loved the fact that they brought me in and I did that because that was something that nobody in my crew has done. Plus, I always did like ‘Nookie.’

“There was a couple things I didn’t agree with doing in the video, but I did them anyway out of love for Fred Durst. I’m a loyal friend to have. Don’t step on my toes, and I’ll be loyal.”

how high:

Producer: Erick Sermon Album: The Show Label: Def Jam

Method Man: "We did the hook before we did the record. We were on the road together, thinking of a hook and it just came to me one night. ‘How High? High enough to kiss the sky/How sick? So high that you can suck my dick,’ I came up with that. Doc came up with, ‘Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane/Recognize Johnny Blaze, ain’t a damn thing changed.’ Then we came up with our rhymes and shit. That was us just brainstorming and being on the road with each other for three weeks.

“When I said, ‘Excuse me as I kiss the sky,’ That’s my version of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze.’ When people got that in their heads, people who know music and know lyrics, when they heard that, they were like, ‘This nigga’s either a genius or just a klutz genius.’

“That’s how you can tell with Hendrix and all these guys, there’s a method to their madness. The same shit was going on with me. There’s a method to the madness man.

“‘Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye,’ that came from watching cartoons with Bugs Bunny. They taught us a lot of shit. Some of these Beethoven overtures and shit, I don’t know the name of them, but I know the music and shit.

“The beauty of the first line, ‘Excuse me while I kiss the sky,’ is that it says so much. When you take a hit off the weed, and you go to blow the smoke out in a cloud, it looks like your lips are blowing a kiss. That’s kissing the sky. It’s a beautiful thing right there.

“If you ask why there’s so many of ‘How High,’ ask why there’s so many versions of ‘All I Need.’ That’s what they were on at that time. That’s why there’s so many versions of Biggie’s ‘One More Chance.’ I remember Craig Mack did a bunch of ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ remixes. He had the remix, the one for radio, the fucking original, it was just fucking madness man.

“[As far as the ‘eff a rap critic’ line,] let me tell you something: You get a bunch of people in a room to say your shit is garbage, you’re going to have 10 more motherfuckers saying it’s garbage after that. After that even if it ain’t garbage, you’re going to have another 10 more motherfuckers. The masses can get led by the few. [The rap critics] already tore me a new one five years ago. They showed me who’s got the power. I know who’s got the power.”


Kendrick and Jay Rock do it for me as a modern pairing but I guess they’re kind of loosely a group.

Definitely Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples as well, would love a RTJ style spin off with those two.

Red and Meth are the pinnacle though imo.