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Meth and Red are top rap duo for me. Obviously Dre and Snoop have to be mentioned. Tyler and Earl worked really well for a bit. Who else? Always wished Latifah and Monie Love had more work. Young Thug and Quan in recent years. I saw Gucci Mane put up a cool milli if they reunite to make a mixtape at his studio

Actually think Kendrick and ScHoolboy Q could be a great duo but be a shame if they prioritised that over Black Hippy


Good picks. Snoop & Dre a great pick @nav

I think E-40 and B-Legit was the best one I could come up with this morning… but then I remembered they were in The Click together long longggg ago. Ghost and Trife was another that popped to mind. I need to put more thought into it.


nas & AZ maybe. liked that album wayne did with birdman too


Yeah nas and az were in the firm together tho. kind of hard guidelines to follow. might be better if it was that they didnt start in a group.

Jay / Kanye
Trick Daddy / Trina


v fun pick. watched the film for the first time in ages pretty recently (which was the first time I realised yr fun fact) but not sure I ever listened to the OST before now. method man’s always been a lowkey favourite despite not really having the solo career to back that status up, just love his flow and his voice. his fun side deffo shines through a bit more when he’s paired up with redman too.

anyway, part 2 and the how high remix are both great, da rockwilder is basically the most fun track ever, cisco kid is a great one I’d forgotten, and I will defend n2gether now as a legit good track to the death.


forgot about the firm. that album probs counts against them anyway!


Not listened to this before, aside from How High.

Like a lot of people, Method Man was my favourite Wu member when 36 Chambers came out, but for me personally his stock fell pretty quickly. Thought Tical was… OK, but all the other members solo albums after that basically pissed all over it. And then 4 years 'til his next album following a disappointing 2nd Wu album - he had his work cut out. I thought him teaming up with Redman was a lot of fun, and I bought Blackout! on CD, but I was really still chasing that earlier era RZA sound and Ghostface was providing that fix more.

Seeing Limp Bizkit on here made me wince, but N2 Gether Now is dope! Also great hearing Saukrates - used to love Father Time and Play Dis - and Streetlife! He used to pop up all over the place, including that Killarmy album that I was obsessed with for a while.

Nice pick. And nice having those few tracks at the end to close it out. Despite what I just said about Tical, Bring Da Pain was a banger and How To Roll A Blunt reminds me that I don’t listen to Redman’s first few albums enough.


Been trying to think of others but coming up with not much.
Ghost and Trife a good shout. (Streetlife is on that Theodore Unit mixtape actually)
Roc Marciano and Ka?


Oh, man. That’s awful.

My first similar situation was playing my 3 Feet High and Rising tape in my Dad’s car and De La Orgee coming on.



I knew things were gonna be bad when my dad got his hands on my stone temple pilots cd and said “STONED TEMPLE PILOTS!?” and proceeded to lecture me about my music choices… based on that interaction you best believe my rap collection was under lock and key (or hidden at my best friends house).


My Dad’s favoured car album was Rum, Sodomy and the Lash so he didn’t really have a leg to stand on, but I was still totally mortified. 1 minute, 13 seconds, no track skipping ability.


lmao amazing, and de la are meant to be like the gold standard of conscious/positive rap. a label that never really made sense to me but w/e


yeah my dad was a massive fan of the who and frank sinatra, the double standard of parenting in full affect.


Would have a hard time coming up with ten better songs than da rockwilder.

Haters don’t touch weigh us both up
Now my neighbor doped up
Got the cable hooked up, all channels
Lift my shirt all mammal
You ship off keys and we ship Grand Pianos
Sawed off shotgun
Hand on the pump, sippin’ on a forty
Smokin’ on a blunt
Bust my gun Red and Meth didn’t jump
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Quite ashamed to admit this but I’ve… er… never actually watched How High, let alone listened to the soundtrack. Da Rockwilder is one of my all time favourite songs though.

Gonna watch the film and listen to this over the weekend and report back.


Haha you should not feel obligated to watch How High. Friday is the superior movie.



How High is the Apocalypse Now of stoner movies


I mean he should watch it of course but like… you know


I hadn’t even watched Apocalypse Now until like a month ago man. Also never seen The Godfather. Or Scarface (newer one).

I studied film.