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You studied film, and they never made you watch How High?


Absolutely love this one - great pick! Remember buying it for next to nothing at one of the chain stores, knowing that I already had about 60% of the tracks, but figuring that it would be great to play in the car. Work at the time meant I had to drive around a lot, and I must have played this close to 100 times in 2002. It’s the best record to drive around to on a decent day.

Agree with what others have said about Meth and Red - they’re two of my all time favourites. Always, always massively rated Method Man. In possibly the only recorded incident of me disagreeing with @CHAIRMAN_LMAO, I think Tical is an absolute classic and on a par with any of the Wu-Tang solo albums. Would also consider Meth to be the only emcee who’s ever been on a track with Big and arguably outshined him. Agree that he’s not been as good post-90s, but in his prime reckon he’s one of the best there’s ever been. One of the all time great soundtracks.

Think if I had to pick a favourite rapper, it would probably be Redman. His first three LPs are all 10/10 classics for me, and he’s got enough amazing guest verses to make at least another three. Like Meth, think his best stuff came in the 90s, but he’s never, ever fallen off, and he’s released some absolutely killer singles outside of his classic era.

As others have said, the chemistry these two have is unreal, and the combination seemed to give Meth in particular a new lease of life. Love how animated they are, and the way they even reference each other’s stuff (like Meths “Time 4 Sum Aksion” in his first Rockwilder verse). Going to try and think of other rap duos, but doubt there’s any others that can step to these two, tbh


Alright - ‘OK’ is a little harsh, and I enjoyed it at the time, but looking back on it now and comparing it to the other solos, it just feels quite short, a little light on guests, and doesn’t feel like RZA pushed it like he did with the Raekwon, GZA and ODB albums. It also felt like those guys had properly developed their unique personas for those albums and knew what kind of feel they wanted the album to have. Tical doesn’t really have that IMO.


I’ve typed up a big reply here but had to save it for later, ended up devolving into a wu ranking post with albums that may get picked later. I will say this, method man’s second album is great. delete the skits (first to go is the trump skit smh) and a couple filler cuts and people are talking about that album very differently.


I’ve not listened


where did the pillage come?


dont tempt me!


OB4CL > Ironman > Liquid Swords >> Return to 36 Chambers > Tical > Heavy Mental >> The Pillage > No Said Date >>>> Uncontrolled Substance >>>>>>> Bobby Digital > Golden Arms


‘party up’ to ‘bring the pain’ is like a now that’s what I call hip-hop, in the best possible way.

hadn’t heard this before. used to rinse ‘round and round’, round and round on this cd, another run of heaters on it, was perfect for short day to day things like cooking…


Ok - just going with debuts? And how far outside the inner Wu chamber can you go?


I went with just debuts and added cappa and kp cos they felt like members at the time. couldve maybe included shyheim as well, not sure how far outside of those i would go for this practice.


Cool. So no sneaking in a CDr by Shorty Shitstain etc.


This has given me an idea for a thread…


I am so fascinated by shorty shitstain, I genuinely think about him a lot. what’s his backstory, where is he now, is he ok, that kind of thing.

I remember finding a post about him on some forum where he was trying to sell some dude a mixtape at a petrol station but that was years ago, I need an update on him


Couldn’t agree more - it’s really great. Don’t rate it as highly as Tical or his stuff on the Wu records prior (but I hardly rate anything as high as this), but it’s top drawer material. I included it in with his “best stuff” because it came out in 1998. Didn’t mean to give the impression that I thought he declined immediately after Tical


2017! I need to track this down.


he’s on this slightly dubious looking recent release which also features my 102nd and 244th favourite Wu-Tang affiliates, Joey IcePick and General Jihad


heh, just found that too via the blackstone of mecca bandcamp. no sign of that album C_L linked there or on their website though :frowning:

absolutely delighted that he’s (apparently) still in the game though


this is one of my favourite obscure wu-affiliated groups


There was a time when you could quite easily subsist on just Wu related rap.


Should probably just be a rolling wu tang clan and affiliates thread honestly