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how did everyone’s listening club inspired How High movie nights go then?


Haha i did re-watch it based on this thread.


The How High soundtrack is much more enjoyable than I’d imagined. Bit of a nostalgia trip and is going well with the spring sun. Obvs Meth and Red make one of the best tag teams out there and they’re just getting loose and having a good time on their tracks. Would probably reach for this before the wholly disappointing Blackout 2 if I wanted to listen to some more Meth and Red beyond the canon in the future. A surprise hit for me as I sort of wrote it off when I saw it picked. Just a real good time


Queen Latifah - Black Reign

This is a tricky one to locate as it only seems to be on Tidal and the US iTunes, so I’ve made it easier for everyone…

So obviously Queen Latifah is a bonafide rap legend. This album does seem to get overlooked a bit, rarely comes up in classic album discussions, possibly not as well known as her first two albums. Got a lot of love for the first three Queen L albums but this feels like the dustiest and toughest of the three, much more of a boom-bap vibe and no prisoners taken lyrical delivery.

‘Rough…’ is the kind of posse cut I’ve never grown sick of, a beat that always hits the spots and an unlikely combination of rappers (Treach, Heavy D, KRS-One and Latifah). Used to get goosebumps when KRS dropped in on the third verse. ‘U.N.I.T.Y.’ is obviously a huge song and probably the best girl power rap anthem of all time. Songs like ‘Superstar’ and ‘I Can’t Understand’ show her ability to produce big singles. I love the tracks where she just spits like ‘No Work’ and ‘Bring the Flavor’.

Some of the 90s gender politics / songs about men are funny to listen to now in 2018 but hey, plenty of rappers I give a pass to despite their pretty one dimensional take on women, not afraid to balance that out with a Queen Latifah song about dissing men who don’t want to wear a condom every now and then.

And sorry but not sorry for sneaking some pop reggae into our thread but honestly try and put ‘Weekend Love’ on at a BBQ in the summer and see how many new friends you make.


Ah! Another nice choice.

Flavour Unit always a bit of a weird crew for me. Never really warmed to them, aside from Queen Latifah, and that one Apache album.

Weirdly, this is probably the Queen Latifah album I’m most familiar with, but not listened to it in yeaaaarrrs. The other two are albums that have some of my ‘go to’ mixtape tracks (Wrath of my Madness, Ladies First, Nature of a Sista’) but they’re not albums I ever stick on these days. But when Queen Latifah ditched the afrocentric garb and came with a more rugged look and sound - it just felt a bit more contemporary and worked better for me.

But like i say, been ages since i listened to it, but on my third spin today and it’s aged so well.

Was quite interested in the change in sound. Reading that a guy called Tony Dofat from Bad Boy (who did stuff for Heavy D and Black Rob) and S.I.D. (who did stuff for Naughty by Nature and Apache) produced this album rather than 45 King who had apparently developed a bit of a taste for angel dust at this point. (Really busy at work today)


Yes. Sure she was on the receiving end enough times, though. I remember Geto Boys doing a really poor retort to Ladies First that is pretty hard to sit through.


Praying that I never hear this tbh


This is great, going to give it a read later. I never got into Flavor Unit much either but warmed to Latifah immediately, through that De La track from her first album.


I’m Not a Gentleman off We Can’t Be Stopped. Best skipped tbh.


Oh, I have heard that… :unamused:


nice pick. think this is my fav QL album as well but havent heard it in a realllly long time.


hadn’t heard and feeling it.
nice sampled horns drifting in and out, like you’re walking past underground (should say subway) buskers. so east coast 90’s.
that’s latifah singing throughout, yeah? sounds like sade to me and not like the rapping. talent.
digging the dubby production of ‘just another day’. cold lyrics too…
“you’d better walk/ or get sketched out in chalk”


always really liked Just Another Day. got a real serene rainy day vibe. and yeah it’s her singing too. think after Order in the Court she switched solely to singing on her records, but it’s the first 3 albums from her that do it for me


if anyone else is having trouble with the DL then slide into my dms


posted this in the 2018 album on accident:

the al b sure vocal sample usage on 4 the DJs interlude is so perfect, wish that was a full track.

couple song parallels im discovering

weekend love is the on a sunday afternoon beat

just another day melody is really great master p ripped it for sellin ice cream

also sounds a little like the ghetto jam melody


liking this (apart from the reggae bits). no work is great, love that beat. black hand side is a really good opener. couple of woozier joints on here like just another day that are hitting the spot too


No Work is my favourite from the album I think. straight bars


this lighter shade of brown tune is great!


can’t let this album get posted without posting this video either. had me in my feelings aged 14 thinking i was cooler than my sister because she liked the spice girls but i was down with real girl power (smh)


wth is going on here does DiS hate reggae?